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Interview with Dr. Pavel Tulaev by Evangelos Kioussis,
the editor of the web magazine Ideon Antron (Greece)
   Beforehand I would like you to understand that Russia is not a simple country. It is a spiritual continent, a big universe, like Hellenic οἰκουμένη. It was called Holy Russia, Moscow Kingdom, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and now under the name of Russian Federation it is still keeping some special essence. We call it Fate or Destiny. What you call the 'Russian people' is another enigma. Because this collective subject is much more than population. Russians, like Romans, keep the soul of the Imperium. Besides, the Body of our Nation is guarding the memory and the spirit of the White race. Our enemies would like Russia to be a convenient country of the Thirds World, but it is impossible for the reasons I have told you

IMPERIAN MANDATE BlogTalkRadio Interview
   In this special 2-hour conversation, I'll be speaking with Dr. Pavel Tulaev - a Russian intellectual, writer and activist well-respected in both Europe and his native country. Topics and questions in this interview include: Life in Soviet Russia vs. today's Russia; pros and cons. Why do White Nationalists in the West seem to admire Putin so much? The 2013 "Russian March" held every November 4th (today), and the significance of this annual Russian Nationalist demonstration. Tulaev's opinion of the so-called "Eurasianist" movement of A. Dugin, and how his worldview differs from Dugin's. The rebirth of Russian/Slavic Paganism in post-Soviet Russia, and how this primordial Aryan spiritual expression can cultivate both Russian and Pan-Slavic Nationalism to the fullest. And can Pagans also work with Nationalists who are of the Russian Orthodox faith? Many White Nationalists in the West have come to believe that the Russian Nation is destined to save Europe and the entire White World from total cultural and racial extinction. Why? These and other topical questions will be raised in this lively and fascinating 2-hour conversation with Dr. Pavel Tulaev. Enjoy!, Christopher Borcella.


   Their goal is world domination by new weapons, money, violence and depravity. Humans, like animals, are driven into the golden cage of consumerism, from which they cannot escape. During this sweet war, millions of people each year are destroyed by abortion, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. It is the Stylists new world order, modeling desirable from their point of view human types as selfish, idiot , playboy, bitch-like creatures. These degenerative phenomena remind us of the Vedic teachings of the Kali Yuga. Is it possible to save all people in an apocalypse? In any case, modern idiocy, and slavery in all its forms, that is what we must confront with our spiritual awakening and knowledge, without which there cannot be a true elite of reasonable humanity.

Pavel Tulaev
   When we speak about Native Gods we mean our Primordial, Heathen, Indo-Arian, Ancient-European and Old-Slavic Pantheon. It has its own history, described in many ways in different schools. There are hundreds of traditions to interpret, to present and to glorify our Pagan Gods. The Native Gods Pantheon is many thousands years old. His roots have been growing from antediluvian era, from Paleolithic times and matriarchy society. It is not easy to study this Primordial Tradition as whole, to see genetic and linguistic links, to avoid subjectivism, localism and personal fantasies. For example, so called Western Science likes to speak about Indo-European tradition, but generally surveys Celtic, Germanic and Indian heritage. The Balto-Slavic, Scythian or Russian antiquities are not well-known in the West. This ideological mistake is not acceptable for the modern Europe that unites Western and Eastern parts of the continent.

by Dr K. R. Bolton
   The seeming rapport in recent years between Russia and China is one of the foundations of the post-Cold War world. Yet Russo-China friendship is an aberration of history. This article examines whether the Sino-Russian accord is based on secure and enduring foundations, or whether it is a very temporary alliance of convenience that will erupt sooner rather than later into conflict and expanding conflagration throughout Asia. China's past inclination to resort to invasion backgrounds the current suspicion between the two newfound "friends" amidst China's growing incursions into traditional Russian spheres of influences, and even within the Russian Far East. Scenarios for future conflict are examined, particularly what will emerge as major contentions arise over water resources, both between Russia and China and further afield. Also examined is the recent historical relationship between China and the USA.

   We are very grateful to everyone who took part in preparing and organizing the international conference "Europe and Russia: New Perspectives". The new forum, conducted successfully on July 20-21, 2007, on the day of Perun - the Indo-European Thunderer - is a direct continuation of the forum "The White World's Future", that took place in 2006 [http://ateney.ru/eng/eng011.htm]. This year the report by Mr. Guillaume Faye "Euro-Russia: Concrete Bases for the Future Imperial Confederacy" has been at the top of our agenda. The conference was held in the assembly hall of the Russian Writers' Union (Moscow, Komsomolsky Prospekt, 13) in accordance with the following program.

by Alexander Thiele

The Perfection of a Successful Group Evolutionary Strategy
using Subliminal Audio Programming (to become the Most
Formidable Opponent Our Enemies Have Ever Encountered)

   Like you I have invested my life with studying and thinking about our people and the historical struggle for the ethical and moral proposition necessary to safeguard our ethnic genetic interests. In that regard my purpose is the same as yours: to legitimize and build a movement for our racial defense; Our White Imperium: Europe - Russia - America.
   In a sense those present represent The Imperium's Prime Directive and if this project succeeds it will be by our efforts and ours alone. Our only hope for success is that we will use the wisdom of the ages, modern technology and our own unique perspective to perfect and transmit a method to achieve our noble ends. No other focus for our lives is more important.

   In the first years of the 20th century, the Russian empire had grown to be one of the biggest world powers in terms of territorial greatness, rates of economic growth, industrial development and international influence. The estates of the Russian tsars of the Romanov dynasty, the Russian princes (dukes), noblemen and landowners spread from the Baltic and Black Sea in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the East. All in all, this gigantic country experienced an age of extensive economic development. As a result, the living standards were improved and the national culture flourished in all spheres.

By Pavel Toulaev
   One of the peculiarities of the White counter-revolution in Russia was the fact that it emerged and developed when the World War was not yet over. As Germany was the enemy of the Russian Empire during the World War, it was the German High Command that planned to send Lenin and his associates to St. Petersburg in a sealed wagon. They were intended to become a factor of destabilization; their sole task was to remove Russia from the European theatre of war operations on the Allied side.

of the representatives of European nations and countries -
the participants of the international conference
"THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE", held in Moscow, June 8-10, 2006.
   Reasoning from the fact that our nations have a common origin, common roots of languages and cultures, as well as a common will to preserve their identitites;
   taking into consideration that all of our nations face a mortal danger today. Taking into consideration that they risk not only to lose their identities, but also to vanish from the face of the earth;
   establishing the fact that the governments of our countries and existing international organizations, NATO included, do not assure the existence of European nations, intensify the danger and do not to make efforts to bring together Russia and the European Union (which is, to our mind, of vital importance today),
   we, the participants of the above-named conference have taken the decisions:
   to create an alternative international council aimed at fighting for the survival of the White nations and preserving their identities.

Pavel Tulaev
   Dear comrades and friends!
   Please accept my hearty thanks for your participation in the conference THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE, for your excellent and strong reports. And please accept my congratulations concerning our common success today. Owing to you - the heroes of the present - we have one more victory in our long, dramatic struggle for truth, faith, justice, race and a better future.
   Our conference today is an obvious demonstration of a new great return to sacred roots and real fundamental values. Together, we confirm the rebirth of the profoundly European and holy Russian spirit.

An interview with Guillaume Faye
   Menzo: Do you really believe this scenario sketched in your Avant-Guerre predicting a race war of world-historical proportions in the White West?
   Guillaume Faye: I do - just as much as I believe that if you drive down the wrong side of the freeway you will eventually have a head-on collision. The precise moment such a collision will occur is difficult to predict, but it is certainly bound to happen. Within ten years or so we are going to be confronted with something never before seen. But more than race war, we are going to experience economic breakdowns, ecological crises, and catastrophic shortages of oil. . . . All the world's governments operate with short-term agendas and nothing at this point is more disastrous. It is often said that the Earth is sick. But it is man that is sick.

   Dr. Tulaev is one of the intellectual leaders of the Russian New Right. His book represents a collection of his publications in western European languages. They are divided in four parts: OUR GODS AND THEOLOGY: EURO-RUSSIAN HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY; EUROPE AND RUSSIA IN THE MODERN WORLD; INTERVIEWS.


   We have organized exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Belgium, Slovenija. One could see the original art-works and buy photocopies of the works. But our project is not limited to gaining publicity or earning money. We represent a new generation of thinkers, a new alternative in aesthetics which is aimed at awaking the archetype of our Race and reconstructing the Aryan principals of being.

Vladimir Avdeyevs RACIOLOGY
   Raciology, by Vladimir Avdeyev, is about the science of the hereditary traits of peoples and races. From metopism to dental traits, from the Rolando and Sylvius brain fissures to the Jewish brain signature, from the ancient Aryans to Nordic peoples, from the Out-of-Africa Theory of Evolution to Polycentric Evolution, from dermatoglyphics (thumbprints) to eye shape, Vladimir Avdeyev discusses it all, with references to works that span of a period of time, which stretches from the present to deep antiquity. His work discusses the civilization-building traits of the European; he identifies the founders of the Classical civilizations which stretched Spain to India, from Britain to Egypt, as the Aryans; he examines some cultural traits of the races, such as ritual scarring. His work rebuts the fashionable trends of modern Western anthropology. 375 pages with over 200 photos, maps, and illustrations. Cover art by MDesign. Foreword by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

   Recently, representative of the youth organization of the ruling African National Congress - Julius Maleme publicly performed the song "Kill the Boer" and triggered another wave of violence against the white population of South Africa, which resulted in the death of up to 69 year-old opposition representative - Eugene Ney Terblansh. Based on the foregoing, we, as Russian Public Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), require from the United Nations to adopt the following measures to ensure security at the South African republic of all persons, regardless of their race, basing on respect of human rights and without double standards.

   THIS is the international magazine of what may broadly be defined as the Russian New Right, in which science, race, culture and spirituality are combined with art and metapolitics. Amounting to a staggering 232 pages, this is a heavyweight publication around which the themes of Russian identity and a revivalist neo-paganism leap out at you in an explosion of colour and visual expression. The text is in Russian, as you'd expect, but there are enough artistic indications to enable the English reader to grasp what really lies behind the work of Pavel Tulaev and his interesting group of contributors.

   "The Slavic Gods" is the first album to present the collection of 230 reproductions of contemporary Slavic artists' works dedicated to the ancient Gods. These artists are united into a movement by the ideals of our racial archetype and sacred tradition. The edition is accompanied by historical research on the pagan images in art from the ancient Rus to the XX century by Dr. Pavel Tulaev. The main part of the album represents the works by Ilya Cherkasov (Veleslav), Andrey Guselnikov, Vladimir Pingachov, Alexandra Dvynianinova, Andrey Klimenko, Victor Prus, Vitaly Mitchenko, Victor Kryzhanovsky, Peter Kachalaba, Tatyana Yagodkina, Maximilian Presnyakov, Vladimir Pechenkov, Boris Olshansky, Andrei Dorozhkin (Orey), contemporary artists from Russia and Ukraine. It contains biographical notes about the artists and album's authors. The album is accompanied by a detailed glossary: 94 entries by Galyna Lozko and Pavel Tulaev about the Gods represented in the album. This edition is unique, both in terms of factual and aesthetic content, and it appeals to a wide circle of connoisseur of art all over the world.
   We propose you to make a presentation of this album or to organize a tour of exhibitions of the artists of this movement, during which you will be able to see and to buy big photocopies of the works. Our project is not limited to gaining publicity or earning money. We represent a new generation of thinkers, a new alternative in aesthetics which is aimed at awaking the archetype of our Race and reconstructing the Aryan principals of being. In the name of our Native Gods! See the review by Troy Southgate.

The price outside Russia: 40 euro
For more information
please contact:
Pavel Tulaev, P.O. Box 11,
109462, Moscow, Russia.
E-mail: ateney@yandex.ru

Texts of the conference
Moscow. June 8-10, 2006 >>>


Moscow, June 8-10, 2006
   Based on the initiative of the Russian international magazine ATHENAEUM and the Russian EUROPEAN SYNERGY Centre, an international conference, "THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE", was held in Moscow, June 8 - 10, 2006. The conference had both scientific and practical natures and was dedicated to the common roots, traditions and contemporary problems faced by the White World, and their possible solutions.

Russian International Edition
   THE ATHENAEUM is a Russian international edition that inherits the tradition of worshiping Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom and warfare. In the world history there were several Athenaeums, sprung as centers of science, art and enlightenment. Undergoing changes along the centuries, this tradition however has never been interrupted. Only in Russia there were three magazines published under such title. Our "ATHENAEUM" doesn't imitate any of the anterior schools. We are conscious that returning to the prechristian religions in their archaic forms is impossible nowadays. However it's quite possible and even desirable to go on with the classical heritage. Basing ourselves upon our predecessors' experience and studying their works, we focus on the up-to-date tasks of major importance.
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