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Pavel Tulaev
Dear comrades and friends!

  Please accept my hearty thanks for your participation in the conference THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE, for your excellent and strong reports. And please accept my congratulations concerning our common success today. Owing to you - the heroes of the present - we have one more victory in our long, dramatic struggle for truth, faith, justice, race and a better future.

  Our conference today is an obvious demonstration of a new great return to sacred roots and real fundamental values. Together, we confirm the rebirth of the profoundly European and holy Russian spirit.

  We do not intent just to go back to old times for a formal reconstruction of a glorious past. We are conscious that a simple return to old traditions and myths in their archaic forms is impossible in our age. We will never have another Hellas, a third Roman Empire, a Fourth Reich or another USSR.

New Epoch

  We have entered into an absolutely new epoch, a new time and spaces. Some thinkers call it the Krita Yuga, post-Christian era, New Age or New Renaissance. We live in a wondering new world with new laws, lies and ideas. Every day, we are facing the challenges of the 21st century. We have to resolve problems of progressive science and technology, contemporary economics and politics, new religions and modern aesthetics.

  Good old rules from Christian and Communist times do not work. Sweet Jesus doesn't save. Communism is once again in the past. Fascism has become old-fashioned.

  Nordic Germany is being populated by Turks. Belle France looks like Africa. Mongoloid Japan is called the West. And our Nordic Belarus is attacked by the so-called North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

  Beautiful America - the dream of millions of European refugees and immigrants - that used to be free, proud and White, has transformed into an aggressive terrorist state, the corrupt policeman #1, protecting Masonic power, human degeneration, race-mixing and global Zionism.

  Instead of the red Soviet Union with its GULAG we have a New White Russia, the hope of the heroes fighting for our race and freedom all over the world. Why is it so? How can we explain these paradoxes?

Russia is much more than a country

  Russia is much more than a country. It was called Holy Russia, Moscow Kingdom, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and in spite of all the changes, it still possesses some special essence. Her White body is living in the heavens, guarding the memory and the spirit of our race.

  Located in the center of the Eurasian continent, Russia was, is and always will be the biggest European country, protecting the West from Mongol-Tatars and Turkish nomads. Formally you may call it post-European, like the USA, because we are the legatees of white colonizers and culture-bearers. But through our race, language, roots and civilization, we are Europeans in spite of all the dramas of the 20th century.

  Native Russians make up the main body of our big nation, the nucleus and the spine of our state. If not for the Russians, the whole of Eurasia and Siberia would had been conquered by Chinese or Muslim tribes. Russia is still the center of White resistance in the Caucasus and the Far East.

  That's why I propose to rename Guillaume Faye's project of "Eurosiberia" into "Euro-Russia". In this way, the real historical and juridical subject (Russia) is not substituted by the geographic space called "Siberia". From a geopolitical point of view, we come to the ethno-political one.

  Unfortunately, the Russian people have become a divided nation today, like Germany's after World War II. The very heart of our Old Russia has broken into three big pieces: Great Russia, White Russia (Belarus), and the Ukraine (its historical name was Rus or Little Russia). The project of Euro-Russia will help to unite the three Russias in a new way and on a new level.

  Russia must be a strong national state inside the frontiers of the Slavic part of the former empire. Russians compose more than 80% of the whole population of our state now, so we do not need any multicultural version for our homogeneous nation. Other European, Aryan and White people can be our allies in the world struggle against human degradation.

  That's why we support our friends' efforts to build the new continental axis "Paris-Berlin-Moscow " or a pan-Aryan bloc from Spain to India. We obviously need a post-NATO alternative - a new military and political block.

  After the victory in 1945 and a long period of Soviet occupation in the GDR (old Slavic lands), our government let Germany be reunited. It was a good gesture, a big gift and a political compromise. In the same manner, Europeans should understand our modern problems.

World War IV

  This alternative is developing in the context of World War IV.

  The Second World War between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union was in fact a realization of Churchill's and Roosevelt's conspiracy. After having studied Anthony Sutton's works, we can add that these were the plans of the "Skull and Bones" secret order whose dirty tentacles permeated Europe during the First World War. In honor of the heroes who fell in fratricidal battles, we must learn this lesson of history.

  The so called "Cold War" is also finished because the USSR has crashed. It does not exist anymore. And Communism as an international movement belongs to the past. Modern Russia is far from being a socialist society because the state is controlled by a capitalist oligarchy.

  After the NATO bombings of Belgrade in 1999 and the terrorist diversion of September 11 in New York City, we live in another epoch. You may call it World War IV or just the New World War.

  It is very important to realize that this is a war of a modern generation and not only by numbers. The factions are not states or nations anymore but transnational structures, like bankers, Microsoft or the porn business. This war is waged by qualitatively new weapons: brainpower, high technologies, biopolitics, mass media and drugs and programmers. I call it "sweet war" or "honey hell".

  Islamic terrorism is only one conflict in a bigger scenario that unites us nowadays. Islamic expansion has always been dangerous not only to Russia, but to the whole of Europe. In the Middle Ages, the Muslim world surrounded White nations. The specific point of today's situation is that NATO and other globalists provoke Islamic attacks in order to destabilize the European way of life. I am sure that the war in Chechnya and the new Afghanistan crisis were planned and calculated with the help of strategists from overseas.

  American activity in Central Asia can provoke a big war in the heart of Eurasia. It is very dangerous. In this situation, the role of the Russian army is becoming especially important. Nowadays, European security depends on our warriors as it has in the period of the anti-Turkish alliance.

  This war against Islam will last a long time. It is not easy to convert Muslims into Christians and to make Europeans out of Asians. That is why we raise our Aryan heritage. It should help us to oppose the Islamic invasion in the South-East.


  Shall we live isolated and go away to the mountains or should we build a new society and state? Can we dream about a new empire - a synthesis of the Third Rome, the Third Reich and the USSR - or just construct our Web-sites and exchange information from various countries?

  We must work and fight together for a Traditionalist and New Right alternative to the modern degeneration. We should carefully study the ancient and Christian world, make traditional reconstructions and organize festivals, publish books, magazines and newspapers. We should continue uniting our Internet resources as we have started at the web-portal

  You may call it Aryan or White Revolution, but please always stress the positive aspects of our movement. We don't want to repeat mistakes of the 20th century. And let us start with ourselves. Let us be wise, educated and strong. Leave the ignorance to the fools. Let us be responsible for our nations, our race, and common heritage.

  In any case, we should not work for any sort of "imperialisms." Instead, we need a dynamic synergie or synarchy (leaderless resistance) that can become a living alternative to the pro-NATO European Union.

  The center of the world is shifting towards the East. Let it not be Central Asia or China. Who will lead the gigantic Eurasian empire if the percentage of White blood is being reduced as we reach the Pacific Ocean? Who will colonize the enormous areas of Siberia, Asia and the Far East? If we follow the Eurasian principle, "soil before blood," we can already admit our defeat to the Asians, the Chinese and the Muslims of the Caucasus whose ethnical expansion is a menace to our future.

  So we do not want Eurasia (a mixture of Asia and Europe) instead of our holy Russia. And we proclaim the fundamental principle: "Blood before Soil!" Biopolitics vs. Geopolitics!

The White World's Future

  The modern world, in spite of its technological achievements, is going to hell. Our divine White race is infected by liberal ideals and capitalist standards. It is degenerating and degrading. Switch on the TV, look around the Internet, listen to pop music. What do you see? Stupid shows and non-stop advertising for millions of passive spectators. Transnational business needs you only as a consumer. You must pay, buy and cry with happiness! You are in a golden cell (a new kind of prison) and under sweet occupation.

  Asia, Africa and Latin America are following their religious traditions and are growing in population. The White world is making money and having fun. And it is dying.

  State-provoked terrorism will not resolve these problems. We need another solution. We want a revolution among Whites. An absolutely new alternative to this vampirism. We want genetic improvement, cultural renaissance and political organization. Our dream is an alliance of White nations, a new military bloc, a new international pact or even a confederation. Not at once, not in one day, but in a real and pragmatic way.

  We know that there exists a strong global opposition to this "honey hell." There are different forms of organized and leaderless resistance. We are a proper part of this world "reconquista". Our fight is our way of life, our way to be free, honest and proud.

  Though it is not enough nowadays for the victory. Besides the resistance and strong opposition the to the degradation of the White world, we need a constructive alternative. That's why we are here. Our conference today, THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE, should be one more step in the building of our new home. Our sacred Fatherland.

  This will be an honorable gift to our Beloved Gods and Ancestors. It will be our own Victory in the modern War.