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  We are pleased to inform you that the first issue of a new review “THE ATHENAEUM” has been published. It’s a Russian international edition that inherits the tradition of worshiping Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom and warfare.
  In the world history there were several Athenaeums, sprung as centers of science, art and enlightenment. Undergoing changes along the centuries, this tradition however has never been interrupted. Only in Russia there were three magazines published under such title.
  Our “ATHENAEUM” doesn’t imitate any of the anterior schools. We are conscious that returning to the prechristian religions in their archaic forms is impossible nowadays. However it’s quite possible and even desirable to go on with the classical heritage. Basing ourselves upon our predecessors’ experience and studying their works, we focus on the up-to-date tasks of major importance.
  We are guided by our own experience too. Until recently the three members of the editorial board have been working on the review “Nasledie Predkov” (“The Heritage of Ancestors”). We also lead a circle of radical right intellectuals registered as the Synergies Européennes Moscow Department. The years of team-working let us understand the essence and the peculiarities of editorial business as well as helped us to broaden our horizon and to gain many supporters and friends.
  “THE ATHENAEUM” is distributed within the territory of the Russian Federation and beyond its borders. Tackling the nagging problems of contemporary world we touch upon a wide range of topics dealing with science and technology, history and raciology, religion and aesthetics, economy and politics, international relations and the art of war.
  In our review you’ll find materials of most diverse genres: academic articles, literary essays, book reviews, analytical forecasts and strategic researches.
  “THE ATHENAEUM” is meant for serious readers, present and future intellectual elite. We’d like it to become one of the main brain centers of the White World, the vanguard of progressive thought, the promoter of bold projects.
  Currently we live in conditions of the World War IV which is waged by qualitatively new weapons: brainpower, high technologies, biopolicy and the mass media.
  The first issue begins with the editorial “The Athenaeum of the XXI Century”. The age-long history of worshiping the goddess of wisdom is summed up in Pavel Tulaev’s article “Athena and Athenaeums”.
  There are many publications dedicated to the problems of raciology: translations from Miguel Serrano’s books “Nietzsche and the Eternal Return” and the “Golden Chain”; the article by Gaston-Armand Amaudruz “Russian People and the Defense of the White Race”; Vladimir Avdeyev’s research “The Racial Theory of Time”.
  An original conception of the Wars of New Generation is presented by colonel Milovanov in his report “The Meaning of War”.
  Under the heading “Geopolitics” there is a new article by Jean Parvulesco “The Axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow” and an interview with the editor-in-chief of “The Russian Geopolitical Anthology” Eugeny Morozov.
  The backbone of the heading “Synergy” is the history of Russian-Polish relations. This theme is covered by Mateusz Piskorski’s article “The New Slavic Nationalism in Poland”, Pavel Tulaev’s travel notes “Moscow-Volin-Moscow” and annotations on Polish neopagan magazines. Besides here is an essay by Anatoly Ivanov “Nietzsche and Evola. The Warmth of Life and the Coldness of Death” as well as a sketch about the Thule-Seminar by the same author.
  “The Athenaeum Library”, featuring a large number of materials, contains Nikolay Pavlov’s detailed review of German radical right magazines followed by annotations on the new books sent to the editors.
  Our young readers are sure to get interested in the musical column introducing a review of the new Russian records and magazines of the radical right orientation and an interview with the leader of “Kolovrat”, one of the most popular rock-groups in Russia.
  The issue is adorned by the poems of brilliant contemporary authors: S. Yashin, A. Shiropaev, A. Nesmelov and others. At the end of the issue there is a presentation of the CD “ARKA-2000” containing the selected works by Oleg Nikankin, talented composer and mathematician.


   We are glad to inform you that the second issue of our ATHENAEUM has been published. Here you have the content of it.
   The number begins with our foreign correspondents` responses and Russian reviews, both compliments and critiques.
   The «Chronicle» contains account of the first Athenaeum’s presentation in Mayakowski Museum, information on the Internet-version of the journal,   short note about the business trip to Saint-Petersburg, «The Memorandum» of cooperation between national-patriotic parties in Russia and review of the editorial staffs` first working year with answers to the readers` questions and remarks.
   The «Origins» section opens the main part. In his research «Athena`s Genealogy» Pavel Toulaev proves Minerva`s protoslavic origins and poet Serguei Yachine surveys mythological symbols of ancient War-Goddess` in his essay «Female`s War Face».
   The «New Generation Wars» part is formed by three actual materials: theoretical article by Colonel Milovanov «On the ruins of the Cold War», innovative research of Alexei Mejloumiants «Esoteric Strategy of Indirect Actions» and editorial program-essay  «The Way to the Leadership». The part is also supplemented with short reports on military-political strategy, up-to-date scientific and technical achievements.
   Poetry page has six verses written by our brothers-in-arms: A.Ivanov, Valkirie K., M. Velessov, V.Igumnov, E. Ericsson, I.Tcherkassov, from dedication to Alexander Block to triumphant «Victory Song».
   The «Rasology» section contents the work of the academic anthropology’s founder Paul Broca   «Mankind: One Species or Several?», «Discussion on Racial Prejudices» by Vladimir Avdeyev (rubric presenter) and Boris Kutsenko`s «Eugenic Program of crisis-overcoming».
   Pavel Toulaev`s biographic essay «Battle for the Universe» about Juri Petoukhov is written for the section «A Hero of our Time».
   A new column «Economy» contains two mutually complimenting materials: an article «Stalin’s Economy» by Alexander Kozlov and Vladimir Uralov and statistic research «Our Living Standards Today» by Vladimir Uralov.
   A big number of infos is united in the section «Geopolitics». Ivan Kuzmin`s essay «The Unexpected aspects in Brzezinski’s Strategy», John Fhilipp Rushton’s article
”Will USA and Canada crash as USSR did?” and also there are 16 materials of well-known scientists and Slavic scholars from the VIII Panslavic Conference.
   Another part consists of articles about current events and «European Synergie`s» news summarized by A.M.Ivanov. This is a survey on the modern right-wing movement for the last 30 years, discussion on the theme «Europe: a new Split Line»   from the «Crisis» magazine (with translator’s comments), two interviews of Robert Steuckers and «The French Geopolitics Line» by Jean Parvulesco. Chronicle of the business meetings is also published here: an article «Moscow – Saint-Petersburg Axis» reports on the inauguration of Saint-Petersburg’s «Synergie» branch, a news-item about the visit of the Belgian delegation from the “Devenir” magazine, and a brief article about «the beautiful explorer of the Russian soul» Anne-Laure d’Apremont (Paris).
    The «Athenaeum’s Library» is opened by Kirill Gordeyev`s review «About views of Gaelic druid group» based on materials from the French magazine «Message». It is followed by A.Ivanov`s review on the newspaper «Ciao, Europa» (Sicily), the annotations on the new J. Parvulesco`s novel «A Date in the Lacustrine Castle» and F. Hallmann`s research «Mystery of the Maze». There are also main points from Guillaume Faye’ s «Archeofuturisme» and a review of the Thule-seminar`s calendar «Mars Ultor 2001». The comprehensive response «Intellect and its ersatz» is reviewing a collection of articles from «The Russian Intellectual Club» (presided by Alexander Zinovyev).
   The musical section contains four up-to-date materials: an item about Russia’s right-wing music scene called «No surrender, no retreat», reviews on Russian rock-novelties, an interview with the T.N.F. leader (Moscow), and an article about «Vantit» band (Voronezh).
   There are also business infos such as opening of The Athenaeum’s representative office and advertising in the journal. For the moment our magazine is issued only in Russian, but information exchange is held in all European languages. The editorial staff established contacts with more than 20 countries. For those who doesn’t know Russian, is given a short information on «The Athenaeum» in English.
   The journal is 96 A 4-pages thick. It is illustrated with black&white photos, maps and pictures (150 in all). Multi-colour cover is created by the painter Andrei Dorozhkin.

 You can send your orders and materials to the address :
Pavel Toulaev, P.O. Box 11, 109462, Moscow, Russia.