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Moscow, June 8-10, 2006

  Based on the initiative of the Russian international magazine ATHENAEUM and the Russian EUROPEAN SYNERGY Centre, an international conference, "THE WHITE WORLD'S FUTURE", was held in Moscow, June 8 - 10, 2006. The conference had both scientific and practical natures and was dedicated to the common roots, traditions and contemporary problems faced by the White world, and their possible solutions.

  The conference was held at the assembly hall of the International Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture (Chernigovsky Pereulok, 9/13), according to the rules of accreditation declared in advance. The conference was coordinated and hosted by Pavel Tulaev. In two days, the following reports were delivered:

  June 8, 2006
  1. "Requiem or Reconquista?" by Anatoly Ivanov (Russia).
  2. "From Geopolitics to Ethnopolitics. New Notion of Eurosiberia: The Main Historical Role of Russia" by Guillaume Faye (France).
  3. "Strategy for the New Culture" by Pierre Krebs (Germany).
  4. "North-South Struggle: The Clash of Civilizations" by Pierre Vial (France).
  5. "Hygiene of the European Thought" by Vladimir Avdeyev (Russia).
  6. "The White World and Mondialization" by Jose Maria Alvarez (Spain).
  7. "Our Fight for Our Race and Our Future" by David Duke (USA).

  June 9, 2006
  1. "Our Future State according to the Indo-European Traditions" by Jan-Ber Tillenon (Breizh).
  2. "Native Faith in the New Renaissance: Its Place and Role" by Galyna Lozko (Ukraine).
  3. "ARMA - for Aryan Identity and Racial Spirit" by Eleftherios Ballas (Greece).
  4. "European Heritage and Uncertain Future" by Enrique Ravello (Spain).
  5. "The Danger of Turkish Mass Immigration and Turkey's Membership in the EU" by Gerhoch Reisegger (Austria).
  6. "White Eurasia: Biopolitics versus Geopolitics" by Constantin von Hoffmeister (Germany).
  7. "Europe and Russia in the Context of World War IV" by Pavel Tulaev (Russia).

  The delegates who were to be present but could not attend for various reasons had authorized their representatives to deliver their reports:

  1. "Towards a New Renaissance: Humanism, Spirituality and the Future" by Barbara Krieger (Poland)
  2. "New Paleolith as a Future for Europe" by Silvano Lorenzoni (Italy).
  3. "Why do We oppose NATO?" by Robert Steuckers (Belgium).
  4. "Metapolitical Front of the White Movement" by Anton Rachev (Bulgaria).

  Friendly greetings of the following prominent and respective people have been heard: salutary speech of Alexander Sevastianov, the leader of NDPR; salutary speech of Alexander Ivanov, the leader of NNP (delivered by Alexey Shiropayev); salutary speeches by Vladimir Ivanov, Alexander Rudakov, Yury Ivanov, Valery Milovanov and others. The host has also familiarized the audience with salutations from different countries.

  Alongside speeches, new publications by the delegates have been introduced, as well as new editions of the "Athenaeum" and "SLAVA" publishing house.

  On June 9, at the House of Slavic Music (Taganskaya, 40), a ceremonial evening party took place in which the delegates, alongside our friends and numerous guests, took part. It opened with a concert of classical and modern music performed by the Russian National Academic Orchestra "Boyan", directed by the national artist of Russia and the USSR, Professor Anatoly Poletayev. The vocal turns were performed by the soloists Kuliushkina, Krylov and Ermakova. Great musical compositions of European classical composers, such as Glinka, Grieg, Strauss, Chaikovsky and Rachmaninov, as well as patriotic anthems by Poletayev, were welcomed with cheers.

  Right after the concert, the delegates were invited onto the stage and had a chance to address the audience with brief salutary speeches. The delegates spoke about the importance of White unity in the modern world. After the salutary speeches, a dinner party took place.

  An excursion to the Tretyakov Gallery was organized for the delegates on June 10, 2006 to acquaint the guests with masterpieces of Russian art. As a conclusion, the delegates visited the museum of Konstantin Vasiliev, where they were welcomed by Anatoly Doronin.

  The same night at the museum, the final meeting of twelve of the delegates took place, during which the achievements of the conference were summed up. Each of the delegates had a chance to speak in a circle, to give one's view on ideological and practical points, to subject some of the points to criticism or to offer assistance. As a conclusion of this discussion (led by Pavel Tulaev), it has been decided:

  - to consider the WWF Conference, that has become an historical event, to be accomplished successfully.
  - to publish the reports of the delegates and other relevant information, both in the source languages and translated into Russian.
  - to hold the White Forum annually and to organize the next conference in one of the Slavic countries.
  - to invite the delegates, that could not come to Moscow in June 2006, to a seminar of Athenaeum in the Crimea (September 2006).
  - to study possible options of opening an international school for young people.
  - to establish contacts and interchange of information via the Internet and to create a system of Web sites.

  A discussion of the final declaration of the conference, prepared by Anatoly Ivanov in Russian and French, also took place. After the discussion, the final declaration, in which the necessity of collaboration and creating a new international union is proclaimed, was signed by: Anatoly Ivanov (Russia), Vladimir Avdeyev (Russia), Pavel Tulaev (Russia), Galyna Lozko (Ukraine), Pierre Vial (France), Guillaume Faye (France), Jan-Ber Tillenon (Breizh), Pierre Krebs (Germany), Constantin von Hoffmeister (Germany), Enrique Ravello (Spain), Eleftherios Ballas (Greece).

  The declaration will be published in the press, as well as on the Web site of Athenaeum right after its translation into the primary European languages.

  The face of Athena, the common European goddess of wisdom and just war, has been selected as a symbol of our union. A slogan, "WHITES OF THE WORLD - UNITE!", has been selected as a motto.

  The organizers want to thank all the participants of the conference, as well as those who rendered assistance.

Press Release prepared by the Organizing Committee in Moscow, June 2006
Translated by Maxim Kalt, June 15, 2006 ©