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  Mr. Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma
  Adress: South Africa, Union Buildings, Private Bag X1000, Pretoria, 0001

  From: Head of central executive commitee of DPNI
  Basmanov Vladimir Anatolievich

  Appeal due to killing of South African Eugene Ney Terblansh and racial discrimination the white population in South Africa

  In correspondence with the murder of prominent politician and a citizen of South Africa Eugene Ney Terblansh due to his race and ideology, as well as in connection with the systematic violation of the rights of white people in South Africa, we insist of:

  1. Providing quoted number of seats for parties representing the interests of the white majority (such as the Freedom Front Plus, Revived Nationalist Party, and etc.);

  2. Stop discrimination against white people;

  3. Punish those who is responsible in the murder of Eugene Terblansh and punish Julius Maleme, who induced to kill a Boer;

  4. Develop programs for the return of the white citizens of South Africa (most of which is also a highly skilled experts, the massive influx of which could significantly contribute to the development of the republic as a whole) who were forced to leave the country due to high levels of racial discrimination (providing a package of social guarantees, funding for development, soft loans for housing purchase and improvement);

  5. Cancel job quotas for blacks in South Africa;

  6. Select state subsidies vigilante groups of white citizens;

  7. Accept right for national currency of Orania, and the right to develop its own independent mass media of Orania;

  8. Admit the right of the Boers to establish their independent state - Folkshtat or cultural autonomy in the north-east of the country;

  9. Limit illegal immigration from neighboring African countries.

  April 13, 2010.

  To: Secretary-General UN Mr. Ban Ki-moon

  Adress: United Nations Headquarters,
  First Avenue at 46-th Street, New York, NY, 10017, USA

  From: Head of central executive commitee of DPNI
  BasmanovVladimir Anatolievich

  Appeal to Secretary-General with regard to discrimination and violation of rights of white people in South Africa.

  United Nations (UN) was created by the international community to keep peace and security and as a guarantor of human rights around the world. A particular area of attention of all international human rights organizations has always been a realization of the rights of national minorities to self-determination, which is especially important in situations where the national majority, have taken a commanding position in the state, conducting a proactive and systematic policy of discrimination. Such system is available in attitude to the white ethnic minority in South Africa and such situation has continuation basis even today.

  During the apartheid era the UN played active role in internal affairs of different countries in order to prevent further racial discrimination of black people. However, it is 20 years as a board of apartheid behind us, and the level of civil rights violations because of their race only increased, even though the discrimination is now reversed.

  One good example of this is system of job quotas distribution for black residents of the state, which leads to discrimination the right to work of white people and a drain of qualified professionals, which significantly enhances the crisis in health care institutions and law enforcement.

  During 20 years time South Africa is standing under social discrimination of white people by black majority with provocations of the criminal contingent with different kind of offenses against the white South African citizens, including murder, rape, looting.

  All attempts to establish and develop people's self-defense detachments forces were prosecuted. This is despite the fact that in places of compact settlement of Boers or white Europeans, where there are no white self-defense militias, criminal groups of black Africans are executing ethnic purges. Crimes on violence against Whites because of their race or not investigated by the authorities, or selectively investigated.

  The presence of white discrimination in South Africa inevitably is outraged by world society opinion and reproduces doubts in necessity of introducing benefits for communities which were affected by discrimination in the past.

  Thus, all activities of the South African authorities to the white citizens undermine confidence in the ideas of equality, multiculturalism, open society, support the rights of national minorities a national majority.

  Recently, representative of the youth organization of the ruling African National Congress - Julius Maleme publicly performed the song "Kill the Boer" and triggered another wave of violence against the white population of South Africa, which resulted in the death of up to 69 year-old  opposition representative - Eugene Ney Terblansh.

  Based on the foregoing, we, as Russian Public Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), require from the United Nations to adopt the following measures to ensure security at the South African republic of all persons, regardless of their race, basing on respect of human rights and without double standards:

  1. Confirm the right of the Boers to establish their independent state - Folkshtat or cultural autonomy in the north-east of the country;

  2. Consider the issue about establishing a system of financial and humanitarian support for the creation and development of white autonomy, allowing the white population of South Africa to realize their right for national development, the model of Orania city;

  3. To elaborate recommendations for the elimination of discrimination of the white population in South Africa;

  4. To abolishing the quota of jobs for black people;

  5. To grant quoted number of seats in Parliament to parties which are representing the interests of national minorities (such as the Freedom Front Plus, Revival Nationalist Party, and etc.);

  6. To promote legalization of the national currency of Orania-Oranim and offer the right to develop their own independent media;

  7. In case of continued discrimination of white ethnic minority, and pressure on the political opposition, representing their interests of white people, countermeasure is to  suspend the membership of South Africa in the UN;

  8. To place limited peacekeeping contingent on the territory of South Africa to protect the rights of national minorities, to stop ethnic purges, as well as reducing the level of blatant criminality in the country;

  9. Develop programs to address the problem of illegal immigrants, the quantity of them, according to some sources, is more than 25% of total population. It is known that illegal immigration is directly proportional to the level of crime, including motivated by racial hatred;

  10. Strengthen the monitoring of human rights of white population in other African countries, especially in those where the white minority has traditionally exercised significant social, economic, political activity, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola and Mozambique.

  Please would be so kind, Mr. Secretary-General, to give answers or comment on the merits of the above.

  Date: 12/04/2010