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by Alexander Thiele

The Perfection of a Successful Group Evolutionary Strategy
using Subliminal Audio Programming (to become the Most
Formidable Opponent Our Enemies Have Ever Encountered)

  Like you I have invested my life with studying and thinking about our people and the historical struggle for the ethical and moral proposition necessary to safeguard our ethnic genetic interests. In that regard my purpose is the same as yours: to legitimize and build a movement for our racial defense; Our White Imperium: Europe - Russia - America.

  In a sense those present represent The Imperium's Prime Directive and if this project succeeds it will be by our efforts and ours alone. Our only hope for success is that we will use the wisdom of the ages, modern technology and our own unique perspective to perfect and transmit a method to achieve our noble ends. No other focus for our lives is more important.

  Our theoreticians have always pointed towards a cultural transformation in the body politic as the precursor to the solving of our existential problems. At the height of his power the Emperor Napoleon observed that in battle spiritual strength is worth more than material strength. One of his quotes goes something like this: "lthere are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind, in the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind."l He went on to observe, "lMusic, of all the liberal arts, has the greatest influence over passions and is that to which the legislator ought to give the greatest encouragement."

What does this mean: cultural transformation?

  The objective of my participation in this Athenaeum is to present our people with a solution that no one has ever brought to a forum like this. The solution is: a group evolutionary strategy that uses high technology positive subliminal audio to free our people from the media's suicide inducing hypnosis and to get on with the end game of our self directed evolution, now.

  Subliminal is defined as: below or slightly outside the threshold of normal waking consciousness. Sublime, its linguistic root indicates - elevated or lofty in thought, to make higher, nobler, or purer.

  Subliminal audio programming is probably the most powerful human resource technology known. The reason you do not already know about it is because it is being heavily suppressed by our enemies. The last thing they want is for you to use it. Why is that?

  Ethnic tendencies are automatic, unconscious mechanisms, but despite the power of these ancient mechanisms, they can be suppressed or diverted from their original purpose by cultural programming that takes advantage of some recently evolved cognitive machinery: the conscious processing mechanisms of the human prefrontal cortex. [Kevin MacDonald, Psychology and White Ethnocentrism, 2007, The Occidental Quarterly]

  Subliminal programming is a fact of modern life.* The Americans in particular are exposed to it day and night enslaved without a point of reference from birth to death by anti cultural subliminally delivered signals.

  Anthropology shows us that the frontal cortex of the brain is what separates us from the chimpanzees. It is a recent development, supposedly less than a few hundred thousand years old.

  The study of IMPLICIT or instinctive behavior and EXPLICIT or learned behavior shows that learned behavior is centered in the frontal cortex.

  Study has also shown that things like the concept of race identity is also centered there. This was determined by MRI observation of the brain while pictures were being flashed before the test subjects eyes. [MacDonald]

How does positive subliminal programming work?

  It works by synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain which unifies and protects the mind from the negative subliminal assault. This causes the externally implanted double mind and its accompanying catatonic state to disappear do to your increased awareness. It also stimulates the frontal cortex, the center of the reasoning mind, which opens the individual person for the ultimate spiritual transformation: the desire to act on their God given ability for self directed evolution. By using these tools we really can become The Ubermench, now, in this generation, and bequeath the ability of future generations to do the same. It is our technology too.

What do Subliminal Programming signals consist of?

  All subliminal audio products consist of tones called the carrier frequency which stimulate the frontal cortex and verbal affirmations which stimulate the mind. These signals are repeated over and over and over and are amalgamated by some percent each listening, exactly the way language is acquired. The developers' commentaries reveal that they use the most modern equipment to determine which tones and frequencies produce the most dramatic stimulation of the brain. According to them, post mortem biopsies on classically trained musicians and articulate speakers show that such persons have a much heavier dendrite concentration on the left frontal lobe than people not so trained. As this is where speech and quick thinking are centered some developers have concentrated on sound frequencies that effect it specifically. They appear to have proven that listening to certain tones can cause the brain to actually develop dendrites, the neuro pathways used to conduct the brains business. Thus a person who exposes them selves to these sounds under optimal conditions can quickly realize a better functioning mind. The commentary by, on the development of their program called Dive, is more than worth anyone's effort to acquire. The more one listens the more one gains. Explicit becomes Implicit, just like language.

Historical Use of Bell Tones to Stimulate the Pre Frontal Cortex

  Bells and gongs have been used as signals for thousands of years. Less well known is the fact that the geniuses who discovered and refined bell tone technology knew then that the sound of certain bell tones could create powerful conditions inside the mind of a person praying. That must be why bell tones were used as an aid to facilitate prayer during the Middle Ages.

  The protocol for services used by the Church in the early 1400s went like this: three times per day the church bells would be rung to call the faithful to prayer. Once congregated the Priest would say a few words relative to the present situation, read a passage from the bible and then the church bells would be rung again to help the people pray. Specifically, the church bells rang while the faithful prayed. This had an effect on people, as it was designed to, and the most spectacular example we know of is the life story of Jean d'Arc.

  Her story begins with her parents. They were solid citizens, devout Christians and self reliant French patriots. They owned and farmed more than fifty acres. The d' Arc's and another well respected family paid the maintenance on a local fortress so they and their fellow villagers would have a secure sanctuary when it was needed. Their five beautiful children, three boys and two girls were conceived, born and raised in an optimal environment for those days. And they obviously enjoyed the sound of the church bells for they lived as acoustically close to them as it was possible to get. Their nice home and garden was situated adjacent to the village church.

  Jean d' Arc heard the church bells while she was still in her mothers womb and of course too on the very day she was born. This beautiful child grew up in her parents garden playing with the other children, their puppies and chicks with the blooming of flowers watching the changing of the seasons accompanied with the sublime sounds of the church bells first imploring and then facilitating the people's prayers three times per day, everyday of the week.

  As she grew into more consciousness Jeannette's prayers were for the deliverance of her people from the serious depredations of the on going war. According to the archive her favorite prayer was The Angels Prayer. Here she asked the Angels to protect her people and guide them to national unity and peace while the church bells were being rung. Like many of her fellow citizens she also prayed to the Archangel Michael, "l: send our enemies to hell:"l And one day in the summer of her 13th year, while working in her family's garden, she began to experience her grand vision. Over the next five years, to the sound of the ringing church bells, the vision became a mission from God. After considerable consultation with her family and those in authority who would listen to her she went off to make war on the enemies of her people.

  Jean d' Arc constantly prayed for God's help. While at war in those distant places she took prayer in the local churches and sanctuaries. In those with less pre frontal cortex stimulating bell tones than she preferred it has been noted that she would cup her hands over her ears in order to catch and tune the sound. We do that today with CDs and headphones.

  Jean d' Arc's life story is the preeminent example of a human being who instinctively responded to the influence of the calibrated audio resonance built into the bell by the craftsmen who cast it for the purpose they designed. After coming of age she consciously exploited the tone of the bell in the village church of Domremy as the window to her source of power every day of her life. Her vast and far reaching accomplishments attest to the power of the bell when animated by a person serious about their business and receptive to their own progress.

  Some of the most important lessons her war time experience teaches us are:
  Act boldly, We can win the war if we fight the enemy,
  God helps those who help themselves
  get inside the bell toned audio envelope designed by our genius ancestors and pray to God to help us become the most formidable opponent our enemies have ever encountered

  When we look at the wreck of the world today it is not surprising that so few churches in the USA ring their bells to call the faithful. Until I began this research I never even heard of a church that used their bells to facilitate prayer. But with the advent of high technology subliminal audio it all makes sense.

  Obviously this technology has been well known to those in power for many years and they are suppressing it for use by our people. It is my personal belief that Jean d' Arc was killed because the practice of using this source of personal power caused her to become the most formidable foe the enemies of her people had ever encountered, and they had to do something to stop her. And I suggest that this is one of the reasons for the destruction of church bells and laws that make their ringing a hate crime in the forced multicultural zones. It is also my personal belief that to these ends the structure for church services especially in America was changed from the reverent ambiance of burning candles, heroic images bathed in colored light, and bell tone assisted prayer to a service where the priest lectures the congregation on political correctness. They do not want any more Jean d' Arcs.

  You can prove that subliminal audio is being actively suppressed by placing a phone call to any radio or TV station. Ask what their rates are for commercial advertising of such. Your call will be dropped as soon as you say "lsubliminal"l. They do not want our people to have this. If you do not believe me, try it yourself.

What can positive subliminal programming do for our Race?

  First - Positive subliminal audio programming is the antidote to the media's external influence. It gives us a conscious choice and thus actual control over our own programming. This enables the self to sublimate the individualistic ego to a wider range of empowering perspectives heretofore discourage by the enemy media. Powerful perspectives allow individuals to better direct their unique abilities towards the tasks required of effecting a successful group evolutionary strategy.

  Second - this is real self directed evolution and our people can actually increase our deliverable intelligence by a few percent in a short period of time, as long as we set the example.

  Third - with sharper minds we will have sharper daggers and as night follows the day we will become more effective fighters.

How do we get there from here?

  Because nothing is more important than the future well being of our people we simply must consciously evolve above what we are today. No other technology can enable an average person to quickly master the infinite facets of themselves and the wide range of skills necessary to compete in the world today. We can do this with these super high technology audio tools. To suggest that our enemies are not using the same is plain naive. Use them or be used by those that do.

  Now that we recognize that this technology is a key tool of political power in the modern world it is imperative that its diffusion goes far and wide amongst our people as quickly as possible. What would happen to our situation if we had 100,000 with a faith to equal just 1% of Jean d' Arc?

  Relative to the valiant efforts that have brought each of you this far it will cost you almost nothing to spread the word. But you cannot promote the method until you adopt it your self. The fabulous news is this: as soon as you and your children start using the technology you too will begin gaining ground exponentially towards your own self directed evolutionary goals.

  The diffusion tactic is: to mention that our wise and intelligent ancestors invented and perfected bell tones as a means to stimulate and empower their minds and lofty passions. Tell your troops that you have found the modern high technology version so dramatically effective in conducting your own business that you will continue to use it all the days of your life. Tell the story of Jean d' Arc. Your humble sincerity in witnessing will be recognized by those who admire and look to you for leadership. Those who intend on making their lives count in this world will seek the subliminal resources needed to become the adroit fighters and warriors our race so desperately needs. Gone will be days of 'what can one man do?'

  It is statistically impossible to convince everyone of the merits of this plan, but I am convinced. And like you I am here on a mission: to present those interested in our cultural instauration with the means to do it, the means to effect a successful group evolutionary strategy, and the means to turn this thing around in our favor. This is a new way of thinking and it leads directly to getting things done. It will not take even one hour out of your lives or one penny to test, but it is up to you to take the chance and suspend any preprogrammed disbelief you may have and sincerely test the technology for yourself. This is the action referred to by our theoreticians as the cultural transformation necessary to solve our existential problems.

  In closing we look to the historical record and quote from the testimony during the Heresy retrial of Jean d' Arc:

  PERRIN LE DRAPIER, of Domremy, Church warden of the Parish Church and Bell-ringer.

  From her earliest years till her departure, Jeannette the Maid was a good girl, chaste, simple, modest, never blaspheming God nor the Saints, fearing God. She loved to go to Church and confessed often. I can attest what I say, for I was then attached to the Church of Saint Remy, and often I saw Jeanne come there to Mass and other Offices. When I forgot to ring for Service, Jeanne scolded me, saying I had done wrong; and she promised to give me some of the wool of her flock if I would but ring more diligently.

  Comrades, she died to give it to you. Here, this is the horseshoe nail, the wool from her flock.

  Friends, friends! Come this way! Up, up! God is with us!

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