Today, many people understand that humanity has entered a qualitatively different stage of planetary development. It is associated with space cycles, the scientific and technological revolution, changes in lifestyle, etc. Internationally, this is an obvious turn from the global dictatorship of the United States, established in the 20th century, to a multipolar world. More specifically, to the growing role of Russia and the East as a whole. The regrouping of international forces makes us develop a new strategy.

Before the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the world was conditionally divided into two large parts: the capitalist West, led by the United States and NATO, as well as the communist East, headed by the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. True, in addition to this, there was a rather large block of “Non-Aligned Countries”, but its existence did not cancel the confrontation of two socio-economic systems that were inherently opposite.

In the course of liberal-monetarist reforms in the spirit of “shock therapy”, Russia, which left the USSR, tried to enter the circle of Western countries, the so-called “Big Eight”. However, it soon turned out that the essence of this community was not only in favorable economic relations. Let’s think about what Western civilization is again.

Aggressive sunset civilization

From a geographical, historical and spiritual point of view, the West, figuratively speaking, is a movement from Sunrise (origin) to Sunset (degeneration).

Many of today’s European peoples have eastern roots. For example, the teachers of the Romans are Greeks and Etruscans who came from Asia Minor; Hungarians came from the Urals, Bulgarians were from Cimmeria, Poles were from Sarmatia, Croats were from Central Asia; Basques living in the far west of Europe came from the Caucasus. The origin of the Germanic tribes, in particular, the Goths and the Vandals, is also associated with Asia.

The eastern roots of Europeans are clearly visible in their ancient mythology. Where did Zeus steal the young beautiful Europe? From the Middle East. The genesis of the Olympic gods, including Zeus-Jupiter, Artemis-Diana, Apollo, Athena-Minerva, Aphrodite-Venus, indicates their Hyperborean or Aryan ancestral home. Even the Scandinavian god Odin came to the cold lands from hot Asia.

Now let’s recall where science, culture and civilization came from to Europe.

The West took almost all fundamental knowledge from the East: writing, including runic; medicine, especially esoteric; astronomy with an annual calendar; theology, including Christianity; musical theory and many instruments; many sports and recreational games, including equestrian competitions and chess. Even many technical inventions, such as wheels, fabrics, paper, metal processing, etc. are of Asian origin.

Western colonialists and their secret societies, such as Freemasonry, have learned many secrets from the spiritual treasures of India, China, Egypt, and Sumeria. Their heirs of the New Age learned to quickly borrow, buy or steal eastern discoveries, including the Russian and Slavic scientists’ ones (the periodic table, Lobachevsky’s geometry, Ladygin’s incandescent light bulb, Tesla’s electric motors, Zhukovsky’s plane, Sikorsky’s helicopter, Zvorykin’s television, USSR’s space achievements and much more).

In a word, without the classical heritage of the East and its fundamental technical inventions, the West is nothing! In this paradoxical, at first glance, phenomenon, in fact, everything is natural. After all, eastern civilization is hundreds of thousands of years old, and western civilization is several centuries old.

The United States of America, formed in 1776 from former European colonies on the territory of the autochthonous civilization of the Indians, subjects of the archaic civilization of the red race, became an absolute expression of Western civilization. In their own interests, they use the achievements of the world community, and at the same time contrast themselves to it in the spirit of the bloodthirsty Old Testament.

One state, even such a superpower as the United States, can resist the whole world only with the help of weapons and political pressure. For this role of the world gendarme, the American hawks created a well-designed and extensive system of the New World Order (NMP), led by the aforementioned North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

This system governs America and its partners through a network of latent, that is, behind-the-scenes organizations, totaling more than 500. The most famous of them are the Bilderberg Club, the Tripartite Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Pilgrims Society, “Skull and Bones”, the Federal Reserve, other Masonic and Zionist organizations. One of the main centers of NWO (New World Order) is located in the UK, or rather, in the City, the financial and business center of London, and others are in New York, Brussels, and Tel Aviv.

Directly or indirectly, thousands of NWO leaders conduct the main brain centers, foundations, banks, the media, universities, all major corporations and political parties in the United States. The influence of this coordinating power of the “world behind the scenes” on international events is obvious. Judge for yourself.

Modern Europe is a protectorate of the USA. NATO bases are located not only in Germany occupied in 1945, but in almost all EU countries. Atlantists surround our mainland with a network of military bases and red flags of local conflicts under the pretext of a hypothetical threat to their national security.

Why is Mongoloid Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean in the Far East, considered a part of «Western civilization»? Because the United States first bombed it, then subjugated it, and finally colonized it. In terms of NATO’s Pacific strategy, the “Land of the Rising Sun” is their western carrier.

Why is Belarus, absolutely European in its racial and cultural origin, considered “anti-Western” and has now become the vanguard of the forces of Eurasia? Because it is a strong ally of Russia and is not economically dependent on the EU.

The United States is particularly afraid of the unification of Europe and Russia, as this will lead to the dissolution of the Atlantic alliance and a sharp weakening of North America’s international position. Therefore, the Yankees and their agents are struggling to drive a wedge between two parts of a single continent, artificially creating a buffer zone — from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

It is in this context that one should understand the modern war in Ukraine, which is forcibly drawn into the EU and NATO. In terms of strategy, the NOW is a local conflict in the global scenario. Indeed, by and large, the fundamental contradictions between thalassocracy (America) and tellurocracy (Eurasia) will be resolved not in the trenches of the Ukrainian steppes, but in other spaces: space, information, technology. They are part of the world war for leadership and dominance in key areas of human activity.

Eastern alternative

What can we contrast the conscious strategy of the West to weaken Russia and the split of Eurasia?

In addition to the national Russian doctrine that protects our ethnic and cultural identity, as well as the strategic interests of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation, there are several large geopolitical projects supported by relevant ideologies and political programs. The most famous are Eurasian and Slavic. In some ways, they mutually complement each other, in some ways they are opposite.

The essence of Slavophilism ispatrimonial logic. The main thing here is the subject with his genetic, racial, religious and social qualities. The ethics of Slavophilism is based on the cult of ancestors. For a pan-Slavist, blood is higher than the soil, since the Slav, be it Russian, Pole, Belorussian, Czech, he remains in Europe, America, Asia and Africa as a Slav, the bearer of his ethno-forming qualities.

Slavs are a large family of peoples. It forms the basis of about two dozen states with a total population of more than 300 million people. Slavs of Russian origin predominantly profess Orthodoxy, preserving for centuries their confessional and linguistic identity, in particular Cyrillic writing.

Eurasianism proceeds from the territorial community of the population of various ethnic and even racial origin. Here, Belarus and Kazakh, Lithuanian and Tatar, Russian and Mongol are equivalent. The fundamental principle of Eurasianism is soil above blood. Eurasians recognize the differences, but do not give them a fundamental character. The racial approach is unacceptable to them. Religious — secondary. For example, an Orthodox Chinese speaking Russian can well be an ideological Eurasian.

The extreme forms of these two ideologies — racial pan-Slavism and continental internationalism — clash in the political struggle. This is due to historical reality, which is much more complicated than simplified schemes.

The ancestors of the Slavs (Wends,Venets), along with the Celts, made up a significant part of the pre-Christian population of Europe. Serbs settled next to them, including on the Baltic coast, where Germany is now.

The primordial Russia of the Varangian era, which included the ethnic elements of the Slavs, Balts, Finns and Ugrians, was also originally a Caucasian race with a significant part of the Nordic blood. As a result of ethnogenesis, expansion and colonization, the Russian people united various Slavic and European tribes related to them.

As the Russian lands expanded south and east, the Slavic-speaking superethnos began to include more and more Asian elements. For example, Don Cossacks combine Slavic-Aryan, Turan and Dinar features.

The Russian Federation today includes more than 190 different ethnic groups. Most of them are of non-Slavic, or rather, not Caucasian origin, although about 80% of the population considers themselves Russian. According to modern genetics, the Great Russians predominantly remain Caucasians, but in large cities and on the outskirts there is a rapid mixing with other racial types.

That is why for Russian people the ideology of Slavophilism is more understandable, while Eurasianism is closer to national minorities. For Tatars and Caucasians, pan-Slavism is as far away as pan-Turkism and pan-Mongolism are for us.

Our choice

What to do in this difficult, very controversial situation? The main thing, in my opinion, is to avoid extremes, i.e. not to bring Slavophilism to a utopia of pan-Slavism and clash with political Eurasianism.

A model is needed that combines the most constructive elements of both ideologies. And only the third idea that goes beyond blood and soil can unite them.

From the point of view of patrimonial logic, it would be advisable to unite Russia and Europe into the strategic block Euro-Russia as the core of a wider continental alliance. After all, the metahistorical role of Russia is not only the connection between East and West. It is the Heart of the Continent, its mystical center, the axis of its historical Destiny.

However, in the current situation, when another armed conflict is unleashed in the center of our continent, in the center of the Slavic world, the implementation of the Euro-Russian project is very difficult. In this regard, it is desirable to create a new Holy Alliance of all forces opposing the deadly aggression of the West.

It is in this direction that the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa) develop their strategies, which Iran and Turkey want to join.

As we can see, the anti-Western alternative of the 21st century does not geopolitically repeat the alliance of the three emperors of the 19th century or the Warsaw Pact of the Soviet era. We are witnesses of a new turn of history to the East.

Remember the famous metaphor of how Emperor Peter the Great, with his Westernist reforms, allegedly “cut a window into Europe,” which was in fact the ancestral home of Russia. Compared to him, President Putin is an analogue of Prince Alexander Nevsky, who made the Eastern choice. After all, Asia has always been of great importance for Russia, so it is quite reasonable to turn to face it.

Since the challenge on the part of the United States is global, the answer must be global. All peoples of goodwill, both Nordic and Mardi, both European and Asian, must unite against the ubiquitous gangster, funded by international bankers.

Under these conditions, our common strategy is a peaceful offensive of the forces of Good against the demons of Evil. This is, first of all, the spiritual, Royal Way of self-improvement, where there is a place for every worthy inhabitant of the Earth. Everyone has what to do and what to say.

We are not opposing the Americans or the Anglo-Saxons, but against the deadly Western civilization as such, against the degeneration of people growing under the influence of the West, against the degradation of European culture and the violation of social laws at the national and international level. We are for freedom, for a dignified life, for justice and order. For the right to an original path of development of all peoples, including residents of the Western Hemisphere.

The USA itself needs a “new way of thinking” and a “perestroika”, as the USSR used to be. The revolution in America will help to save it from complete collapse, ruin and humiliation, and, in the end, find a worthy place in a changing world. We know that in the West there are many thinkers and politicians who understand the need for radical changes.

Our ultimate goal is not a struggle for political power and any terrestrial territories, but the birth of a new person, a new race of people, which will be based on the principles of spiritual creativity and the ideals of holiness. The man of the future will transform not only his flesh, but also the world around him.

Only the blind do not see the East again excitingly grow red. «The Golden Eos with purple fingers got up from the darkness». Rejoice, behold, and salute the beautiful Queen Dawn.

Moscow, 2018.