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   Dear friends,
   I want to inform you about news on the web-site SVEVLAD .

   In the volume named BOOKS AND ARTICLES you can find parts from next books:
   The Old Vinca's Europe and Serbs, by Dragoljub Antic ,
   the very first time published in Serbia - Manu's Law ,
   The Calendar and measuring of time, by Jaroslav Francisti .

   Beside almost shown, the new articles and theses are:
   Realistic schemed parallels between Manu's and Law of tsar Dusan, by Dragoljub Antic ,
   The Oldest Law of Ariyes, by Dunja Stanisic Matic and
   Alexander and other Serbian words, by Stojan Stanojevic .

   You can also find The Conclusions of The Forth Rod's Slavic Council brought on meeting of Council this year in Stetin, Poland; as well as translation into Serbian with thanks to Mr. Dobrjanski/ the article Short retrospective of position and perspectives of development rod's believing in Ukraine by Jaroslav Babic.

   In the part called THE FOLK or, if you prefer ETHNO/ TRADITION, the new pages are:
   The Sorceries of Serbs from Kosovo and Metochia ,
   The Serbian folk riddles ,but also
   The nine Croatian songs, interesting by their mentioned of old gods and associations on them .

   The part THE FOLK LIVE endured the largest modifying and developing.If you go to this page you can see at the start some facts about podolian cow, the racevery important inour ancestors life. Beside, there are new pages:
   The old drinks ,
   The cultivation and remaking of hemp, by the book of dr Jan Kisgeci ,
   The hemp in folk tradition and believing, also by the book of dr J. Kisgeci ,
   One story about oak-tree - the true note ... , as well as comparative table of Slavic folk names for months in the year .

   In the part MAPS AND TOPONYMY the new article is The Sacred Places of Ancient Gods in Zitomirstina, by P. Bilous, translated by Jevgen Dobrjanski. .

   There are plenty of news in the part of site called THE PICTURES.
   I am sure that you'll be very satisfied to see page The Symbols of Sun on the frontsides of housesin Serbia , but also the pictures from exhibitions, promotions and film projections in Gallery Pigoza in Veliko Gradiste . Beside, there are pictures of The Forth Allslavic Council and The Night of Kupalo in Stetin, Poland , from promotion Manu's Law in Belgrade , and from lecturing 'The Vinca's - old Europe'' in Novi Sad .

   I recommend to your attention pages with pictures which illustrated some activities from 7510-7511. y, and second page dedicated to Lauzic Serbia, resulted afterour friends' trip and in their contacts with our brothers from Lauzic .

   Sincerely from Serbia,
   Aleksandra Marinkovic Obrovski,
   the author of web-site SVEVLAD