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   Marek Glogoczowski, Ph.D.

   (Correspondence from Minsk's IX Panslavic Congress, July 1-3, 2005)

   I. Open Society ugly future versus Closed Society perceptible elegance

   Exactly a month after my participation in Anti-Zionist "Dialogue of Civilisations" in Kiev, Ukraine (1), I was invited to a nearby Belarussia, this time to witness the impressing recovery of this post-Soviet republic from deep wounds inflicted by Gorbatchev's "katastroika" (catastrophe building) of defunct USRR. But prior to travel to Minsk I had to participate at my Pomeranian Academy of Pedagogy (PAP) in a significant conference titled "Philosophy of education and visions of the world". As these "visions" are considered, two lectures, given by my colleagues from PAP, were symptomatic.
   One of them, titled "Religious Dialogue In Light Of The Theology Of Process" dealt with last novelties in protestant theology "which should be open for the future remaining unpredictable to theologians". The second lecture was titled "Apories Of Liberal Thought And Their Practical Consequences", and the referee stressed that prominent demoliberal philosophers of today admit that they are working for the future, which remains beyond the faculcy of their vision. If we associate these, referred by my colleagues, dominant in the West theologico-liberal ideas, with practical results of Soviet "katastroika", achieved thanks to application of demoliberal ideas in the biggest country of the World, we can arrive at a Politically Very Incorrect conclusion. The "openness" - both in theology and in the social science - shall logically lead, in the very close future, to the total "katastroika", it means collapse of both science and religion (2).

   One thing was clearly perceptible during conference on "visions of the world" hold at my PAP at the end of June. Although referees generally agreed that represented by them branches of social and religious sciences are not furnishing valid previsions of the future, they nevertheless knew very well which projects for the future are be avoided. In particular I heard that we have to be aware of a Panslavic movement of a wider scope. So naturally the next week I obediently traveled by train to Minsk in Belarus, as the member of Polish delegation at the IXth Panslavic Conference.
   Minsk, and Belarus as a whole, remains "la bete noire" of striving for unification Europe. Soon we realized what is the cause of this "PanEuropean" ostracism of this nation of 11 millions of inhabitants. While walking on the main street of Minsk in a company of a Macedonian delegate of my age (who spent, as I did, several months in Paris), we agreed that "the garden city" of Minsk, situated on shores of enlarged into a mini-lake Swislotch river, looks more beautiful than the capital of France. The charm of this city is due not only to its monumental neoclassical buildings with recently renovated facades, but also due to the fact that people on streets are really pretty and well dressed (young women rather undressed), while the whole city is the most clean one I ever seen world wide! What a difference in comparison to the "capital" of recent Orange Revolution, Lvov in Western Ukraine (which I visited a month earlier), with its full of holes cobblestone streets, unrepaired since a century tram tracks, shoddy apartment houses and heaps of garbage at    courtyards.

   In Minsk we arrived at the brand new luxurious railway station, we participated in the gala concert in the new Spectacles Palace for two thousand spectators, traveled around Minsk on freeways of smoothness comparable to roads in Switzerland (where I lived for a dozen of years), observing the construction of new metro stations and well planned high rise suburbs. Of course, next to Minsk we saw villages consisting of small painted wooden houses, but I also dwell in Zakopane in a small wooden house of my grand parents, and all friends of mine are envious of this my "spartiate" dwelling. One of advantages of Minsk is the rarity of cars at its large avenues, but this sign of "poverty" is in fact the sign of the health of population, which health is artificially maintained by Lukashenko's regime visible contempt for the overcrowding of the country with cellular phones, internet, and other gadgets demanding the unlimited    sitting.

   If the general populace is healthy, its leaders should be healthy too. So at our Panslavic Congress, which assembled more than 200 delegates from 15 countries, we heard really interesting speeches, practically all of them in Russian, with the exception of one made in Polish, by a veteran of 1956 student antiStalinist uprising in Krakow, Boleslaw Tejkowski. In particular the head of the most numerous Russian delegation, a retired officer of the Soviet Army, N.I. Kikischev in his opening speech stated that we have to revolt ourselves against the disastrous worldwide hegemony of "these two hundred Jews". (Really he said this, others confirmed me that I haven't overheard this overt "antisemitism"!)
   Kikischev's speech was followed by the one of N. Zugianov, the leader of the most influential Comparty of Russian Federation. He praised president Lukashenko for his will to stay in course he had chosen, for "in order to act efficiently, one has to have the will to do it". Unfortunately, despite Zugianov's appraisal of "Die Wille der Macht" to stop the "liberal" decadence of post-Soviet territories, his Russian Comparty in practice machts nichts in order to stop this process.
   In case men have not enough Will to Act, women have to substitute them. The most colorful speech given during the plenary session was given by Natalya Vitrenko, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, which few years earlier split from morose, agreeing for everything Ukrainian Socialist Party lead by Olexander Moroz. Vitrenko directly pointed at USA as the worst enemy of all Slavic nations. She told us that the Panslavic movement has the support of a pro-socialist American billionaire Lyndon LaRouche (3), who believes that the West need the help of Slavic nations in order to overcome the ruining the Planet politics of the Global Banking Mafia.
   The interesting Vitrenko's speech was interrupted several times by the chairman of the Presidium, her colleague from Kiev. Only the next day I learned why he did it. The delegation of Ukraine's Progressive Party arrived at the Congress not together with Ukrainian delegation, but as a part of delegation of Russia, for in the "orange" Ukraine the pro-Russian fraction of socialists is hardly tolerated. Vitrenko complained her radical party has no access neither to state, neither to private broadcasting stations, and that they are forced to use mobile "telebime" screens, installed on cars, in order to transmit their party programs to a larger public in cities and villages.
   The next day one of muscular "guards" of Vitrenko explained me in detail why their leader was interrupted in her message (4) by the head of Ukrainian delegation N. F. Lavrinenko. It turned out that this "meek" intellectual is a collaborator of the present head of National Security Council of Ukraine, P. Poroschenko. Which of course suggests that the whole, counting 30 persons, Ukrainian delegation was a kind of pro-American "descent" of actual Ukraine's government, at our Panslavic Congress! If we take into consideration that Yuschenko's "orange" regime was brought to power by not so secret organization known symbolically as ("com" of course means 'commercial', not communist!), we can easily understand why the "vitriolic" Vitrenko was despised - "she is a devil!" I heard - by official Ukrainian delegation at our Congress. This flamboyant leader of "Progressive Socialists", reasoning in a way similar to Israel Shamir in his speech prepared for the conference at MAUP (5) in Kiev last June, wants to prevent the split between "Kiev's Rus" and "Moscow's Rus". This subsequent division of the Slavic world is so much desired by the Global Banking Mafia, which simply replays patterns of behavior, of experienced in such methods of conquest, British and than American Empires!

   2. The "Skansen" Of Culture Of Our Forgotten Ancestors
   Three days spent by us in Belarus consisted not only of passive sitting in conference auditoriums, and of enjoying comforts of the most prestigious hotel "Minsk" in Belarussia capital. July 3rd is Belarus Independence Day, commemorating the liberation of Minsk from German invaders 61 years ago. (In 1944 Minsk, as well as Warszawa in Poland, was nearly totally destroyed.) The celebration of Independence Day began already in afternoon of July 2nd, with the speech delivered by President Lukaschenko standing at the scene of the brand new, luxurious Palace of Spectacles. Lukaschenko told us, among others, that the real reason of anti Belarussian "offensive" of the West, is the ordinary envy of western regimes of Belarus successes both in economy and in culture. The President proudly stressed that under his rule Belarus become the only one state, out of 17 republics of former Soviet Union, which has at present the GNP higher than 15 years ago (6)!
   Not only the outlook of Palace of Spectacles, and of Minsk in general, confirmed Lukashenko's thesis. The spectacle we saw after his opening speech was a masterpiece both in its choreography and in quality of its performance. Nearly all actors were dressed in national costumes and I admired the most ending the spectacle scenes played by about two hundred children of age 5-7 years old, all dancing with the impressive elegance and perfection. (Later on I was informed that in Belarussia nearly all villages have their dancing and singing schools.) In fact for more than a day I felt like participating actively in the film "Tieni zabytychych priedkov" (Shadows of forgotten ancestors) of Armenian painter Sergiei Parandjanov, which I saw two times in late 1960ies. This Soviet film tells the colorful history of disappearing Carpathian folk of Huculs (7), which folk is genetically and culturally somehow akin to my family from Tatra's foothills.
   Next day, the July 3rd I had to participate in a big national parade, walking for circa 2 km about 20 meters behind the tall silhouette of Belarus President. The setup of this colorful parade recalled me how exactly 50 years ago I marched, during the 1st May parade at Krakow, dressed in white outfit and proudly holding floret, as a member of local fencing school for teenagers. The biggest difference between these forgotten Stalinist times and the Belarus of today was in colors: half a century ago red was dominant, while emblems of Belarus contain the full bouquet of colors, with red nevertheless being predominant (8).
   After we put flowers under the monument of the Soviet Army heroes which liberated Minsk three generations ago, I had the time to stroll in alleys of nearby "Dietsky Park" (Children's Park) admiring an enormous fair of local crafts, a true 'living skansen', organized there. In this communist park I felt like 33 years ago not in Europe, but in woods of Marin County in San Francisco Bay Area, during the annual Renaissance Pleasure Fair organized there, with so many pretty people around me, dressed of course in colorful costumes of our Forgotten Ancestors.
   This was not everything which recalled me the Past, which our children are not supposed to revive. In the evening preceding Independence festivities all delegates to IX Panslavic Congress were invited, in two separate groups, for a copious dinner offered by two big State Farms (former Sovchoz), situated at outskirts of Minsk. This kind of State owned giant agricultural enterprises existed until 1990 also in Poland, but once "restructuring" of Polish agriculture started, these farms were artificially put into bankruptcy, leaving more than ten thousand of agricultural land abandoned and about two million of farm workers jobless. (Now parts of these abandoned farmlands in Northern Poland are re-cultivated by imported Dutch farmers-businessmen, employing cheap Polish labor, still living in houses left by socialist regime.) When will the "Free Europe" put an end to this Belarus blasphemy of collectively owned means of production?

   3. The Land Still Free From Oranus (Zhopoglav) "Supreme Being" Omnipresence

   You can't win a war unless you know who your enemy is, know why he is your enemy and know what his objectives are. Only then can you properly direct your military and political forces to combat him successfully.
   (Charley Reese in "Nobody Attacks Civilization", July 9, 2005)
   During the dinner, concluding our three days long meeting-festivities, my colleague, philosopher from Ukrainian Tchernigiv told me that in Minsk he felt free from the pressure of omnipresent in his country "orangist" propaganda (9). The similar opinion expressed, during a customary toast, one of members of Russian delegation, who was thanked organizers for the opportunity not to see for a while the omnipresent at TV in Russia "Judas-colored head of Tchoubais" (10). Also I had the similar feeling of being free from covering Poland today billboards and TV advertisements of unbelievable ugliness and stupidity. This sentiment of freedom, we felt in Belorussia, recalled me words, of the relegated to the realm of Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors, hymen of the Soviet Union: "Ja drugoi takoi strany nie znaju, gdie tak volno dishit tcheloviek" (I do not know of an other state, where so freely respires the    man).

   Not all citizens of Belarus feel free. In particular the cherished by the "West" local opposition (11) complains of being harassed in its antidemocratic activities. (In Belarus over 80% of population supports Lukaschenko.) But this "opposition" consists not of free people. Opposition remains under the enormous pressure exercised by its Sponsor, the Congress of USA, which officially allotted last month 40 millions of dollars for the noble task of installation in Belarus of the puppet, USA dependent government. Also the dependent EU Parliament (dependent chiefly by the intermission of Poland and of Baltic countries), through its July vote to ban the free exchange of goods with Belarus, made a subsequent step in support of antidemocratic opposition there. As one of Polish delegates in Minsk elegantly summed it up "Belarus today is like a thorn in the Ass of Europe".
   The mentioned above foreign pressures mean that the fate of Belarus is supposed to be resolved in few oncoming years. As observed it Alexander Zinoviev in his last book written in the West "La grande rupture", (published in 1999 in Lausanne only in French), the Supreme Authority of "The West" permits not the slightest deviation from its plans of world colonization. But there is still a slight hope that this planned by our Globo Masters "radious future" will not arrive at all. In case we make a proper description of a danger, we are already in the way of success in neutralizing this danger. "The West" is only a geographic denomination, it may be equally "The East", as it is in case of capitalist colonization originating from Japan. Our Forgotten Ancestors instead of ambiguous "West" coined the term "mammonist society", which recently was reintroduced into living language by my friend Israel Adam Shamir. Once people realized, already in late 19 century, that their principal enemy is Mammon, they spontaneously did something against it. Their collective "Wille der Macht" resulted at that time in the panoply of anti-mammonist, communist and national socialist regimes, which dominated the map of the world through the whole 20 century.
   Today the simple return to the mode of speaking (and thinking), which was prevalent - also in Poland - a hundred years ago, is not sufficient. New, more precisely grasping the actual social realm "prehensile notions" (to use the term of stoics) are necessary. We have to construct these notions in order to mark effectively - and than to neutralize - the foreign (to the body of Homo sapiens) "antigens", it means the debilitating human spirit toxins, which are abundantly secreted by the planetary    Monster.

   During the conference at Kiev this June I was interrupted in my speech (see ref. 5) just in the moment when I started to develop an allegory of the western hypertrophied Banking System in form of a monstrous Solitary Tapeworm. This blind, parasitic "Supreme Being" from inside eats resources of infested by it, externally looking as "rich", societies. Due to this infection, which is outwardly hardly visible, people in countries dominated by banks become, frequently unconscious of it, slaves of their ever increasing "hunger" of money.
   This my concept, of apparently invisible (to media) "Supreme Being", consuming from inside the modern civilization, impressed not only my multi-passport friend Israel Adam, but also my more aware colleagues in Poland and even in Ukraine. Not so surprisingly soon I discovered that not only I have such a particular notion of the "Lord" (hebr. "king", "Moloch") dictating the ever more aggressively consumerist behavior of spreading like super-cancer 'civil society'. During the Kiev's conference I received from Israel Adam a copy of his latest book "Pardes", where at pp. 47-48 he refers an analogous to mine concept, made by the contemporary Russian writer Victor Pelevin:
   "He renamed the god-like Mammon into 'Oranus' (Oral + Anus), a mussel, or a sea-cucumber, or starfish, a sort of living creature, incapable of sophisticated thought. It has no ears, no nose, no eyes, no mind. It is not a concentration of evil. It has no will of its own. It is a primitive virtual parasite, evolutionary lower than its cells. Oranus-Mammon consists of cells while each cell is an economic, money-related projection of man."
   This is indeed an excellent notion, fully compatible with my vision of a parasiting inside human intestins blind tapeworm, each segment of which has the same (or perhaps even greater), structural information than the several meters long parasite taken as a whole. If we observe that Pelevin's virtual 'Or(al)anus' is situated at our extremities called in Latin capita and cullus, we obtain a larger virtual entity, which in Slavic languages is described the best by the term 'Zhopoglav' (the Russian 'zhopa' in Latin means 'cullus', while glava corresponds to 'capita', the head). These two easily imaginable neologisms form excellent tools, true 'prehensile notions', which permit the very adequate description of doings - and thus also they permit the prevision of future evolution - of dominant at present nearly everywhere (Zhopo or Cul)-Capitalist    Civilization.

   Seen from this novel perspective, several otherwise inexplicable behaviors of westernized youth -like Love Parades in Berlin and Geneva, or "Orangist Parade" in Kiev - are becoming fully comprehensible expressions of Oranus/Zhopoglav cultus. In Geneva in 2000 I witnessed how thousands of youngsters were monotonously swinging their heads and buttocks, with practically no collective steps, in the tact of a tonally impoverished loud beat. This made me on an impression that only the cul-capita part of their body participated in these collective replicas of paralytic "dance of St. Vitus", known to our Forgotten Ancestors. In Kiev last autumn, I am not exaggerating at all, "Reason (the Mind) become as fertile as Cullus (the Ass)". Thousands of dressed in orange tunicas young assholes, sponsored by CIA/Soros agencies, paraded with banners "My Rozum!" (We are the Reason!), singing with enthusiasm "Razem my bohaty" (Together we are rich). And subsequently, in few following months, already half a million of these enterprising 'Zhopoglaws' individualistically left their country to seek odd jobs elsewhere. Thanks to the collective effort of these young 'cul-capitalists', becoming rich in Ukraine has been reserved, even more than prior to their "revolution", to devoid of any noble sentiments, directed "investors" in this ambitious youth stupidity.
   (Post Scriptum. In the Commentary below is the explication of my confusion of Ukrainian "Razom" with Polish "Rozum".)
   The subconscious feeling that the bourgeois society is concentrated entirely at its oralo-anal activities, had the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud well ahead the coining of the term 'Or(al)anus' by Victor Pelevin. A similar association was done also by me, at the beginning of Polish "reforms" in early 1990, when I wrote, out of nervous pressure exercised by changes happening these days, the "Hymen of Polish liberals", in which as refrain is repeated the verse "We will consummate, we will defecate, in most luxurious toilets". Even the present tendency, of the thoughtful youth to shave entirely their heads, has its cul-capitalist explication. In the optics of 'Zhopoglaw' cultus, skinheads want to make their heads to look as identic, as possible, as their culs!

   4. Forgotten Ancestors Remedy For The Cancer-Like Loss Of Structural Information in (Cul)-Capitalitst Society

   Skin shaved heads and ugly metal objects piercing otherwise attractive parts of young (wo)men bodies, are not sole symptoms of social illness radiating from the "West". Victor Pelevin observed that Oranus/Zhopoglav is a "a primitive virtual parasite, evolutionary lower than its cells." This loss of structural information inside quickly growing bodies of "Zhopo-minded", cul-capitalist societies began automatically in the moment of liberation of usury practices circa 500 years ago (12). The best example, how the collective vision of the world vanishes in "open society", was given by my colleagues during conference at PAP this June, where they presented papers indicating that both religious leaders and social scientists do their best in order not to think what will be the outcome of their activities (see ref. 2)!
   The reality, which remains "beyond cognition" of professionals organizing the "mindset" of populace subjected to exigencies of NWO, is still well perceptible by these who dare to observe and to associate facts independently from pressures exercised by Oranus/Zhopoglaw "priesthood". In Poland for example, under the pressure exercised by 'influence agents' of Soros/Bathory Fundation implanted inside the Ministry of Education, programs of education are systematically abbreviated. And of course experienced teachers know very well that thanks to such "relaxed" education the future generation of my compatriots will be more dumb than the present, and thus more prone than this today to worship Oranusian    "virtues".

   By an extrapolation from these examples one can easily predict that the Oranus-minded West is heading towards the future in which its citizens - and in particular its leaders - will not have more thoughts in their heads than they have, since their birth, in their buttocks (which anyway, are made out of the same genetic matrix. Isn't it?) This is not the most esthetical future, but this is what predicts the former Russian mathematician and Israeli paratrooper, Israel Shamir in his book "Pardes" ("Paradise"), as well as several other experienced observers. Is it possible to change this supposedly "irreversible" trend? First of all we have to liberate not only ours - but also our friends - minds from ordinary "garbage" abundantly produced by such potent, "intellectuals" as Popper, von Hayek, Jacob, Derrida and/or Glucksman (13). This might be quite a task, for intellectual products of these "chosen people" are dispatched worldwide by powerful public relations agencies, to mention only the Soros/Bathory Fund. But once we liberate our minds from "cesspool thoughts" of these prominent Oranus/Zhpoglaw intellectuals, the attention of the public automatically will turn back towards proposals of "sanitation" made by Our Forgotten Ancestors, in particular by Aristotle, J.B. de Lamarck, and Jean Piaget, whom I saw once, 25 years ago, in corridors of University of Geneva (details in ref. 12).

   Needless to add that it is precisely the obstinate refusal, of the group around President Lukaschenko, to conform to "friendly counsels" of Western experts, which is at the origin of both economic and cultural success of Belarus. This success is worth to be imitated elsewhere, especially in countries issued from the partition of the Soviet Union. But such a program is entirely alien to conquistador ambitions of 'Cul-Capitalists' ruling both in USA and EU, which in case of failure of more "soft" measures, surely will be eager to apply more coercive methods against Belarus. The representative of Belarus at our Panslavic Congress, S. I. Kostian told us proudly that his country fears not these super powers, for it has means of riposting neither Jugoslavia, neither Iraq had in their arsenals. To which I add that during our meeting at Minsk Serbian delegate at our Congress compared Belarus today to (pre-slavic) Sparta. Let's hope that this bold comparison will hold true in the nearby future.
   Zakopane, July13, 2005

   (1) See my "Proceedings of "Supreme Being" Installation in Ukraine", published in June at

   (2) For at present I am a professional teacher of antique philosophy, I have to remark that itellectuals, which admit not to foresee consequences of their professional activities, resemble to antique physical workers, which according to Aristotle "behave like inanimate objects, for they are doing something without being conscious of the purpose (finality or teleology) of their actions". This pitiable "robotization" of the contemporary Western intellectual class has lead to the situation, in which all Aristotelian considerations about finality of whole branches of Life Sciences - in particular of the sociology - are considered as "not scientific". With the Science of Teleology being relegated from Academies, these institutions become completely "blind", devoid of visions of future events. Seen from a larger perspective this is the project of total "katastroika" ('deconstruction') of human comprehension of the    world.

   (3) Lyndon LaRuche is a founder of Schiller's Institute in Germany, which tries to promote more "soft" version of humanity friendly capitalism. LaRouche pretends that the "cancerous mind", directing the world of today, is hidden not so much at Wall Street, as in banks of London's City, still controlling the USA    behavior.

   (4) The colonization of Ukraine by the "West" proceeds with the full swing. Vitrenko told us that "her" government wants to make Russian illegal as official language of Ukraine, where 1/3 of population is of Russian origin. In an edited at Lvov periodical for intellectuals "Universum" of this spring, ( I've seen at least 6 articles demanding the imposition of Ukrainian language not only in offices but also in technical and medical universities. All this in order to sever cultural and scientific links with despised (by agents of of course!) Russian science still remaining, in several domains, leading in the    world.

   (5) Thanks to the source, which I may call symbolically vitr/iol/ ("com" here of course means "communist"), I learned that this International Academy of Personnel (MAUP), where I was invited already two times, together with Israel Adam Shamir and other sympathic anti-globalists from Greece and Turkey, is an American University. Business-minded Americans do nothing disinterestedly. MAUP should shall than train future 'agents of influence' in all former republics of the Soviet Union. In our conferences at MAUP participated also officials from several, hostile to USA and Israel, Arab countries like Syria and Algeria. This apparently strange situation implicitly suggests that under an "anti-Zionist" (and even "anti-Semitic") facade this school participates - in a camouflaged manner similar to "philo-Semitic" Soros Fund there - in the construction of the "web" of a Super Spider, which "spider" intends to suffocate, and than to suck out vital juices, of all nations of the planet! At least I understood why my speech there, explaining properties of such predatory spider-like "Supreme Being", was quickly interrupted by the head of the Presidium of the conference titled "Zionism as the greatest danger for modern    civilization".

   (6) The average salary in Belarussia, where about 80% of industry is state owned, is only about 200 $ per month, which means 3,5 less than in Poland. But in Belarussia unemployment does not exists, while in Poland only 54 % of population, in economically active age, have an employment. Belorussians have, contrary to Poles, the education and health for free, cheap energy, symbolical rents for apartments, metro in Minsk costs only 12 cents, it means 6 times less than in Warsaw. But it is true hat the access to objects of prestige (cars, cell phones, and all this electronic "garbage") is in Belarussia more complicated than in Poland, which surely makes a specific group of citizens (students, bourgeoisie) very unhappy, probably even hating their otherwise beautiful country. But there is no comparison between shinning with renovated cities Belarussia, and the stagnant Ukraine, wherefrom in recent years over 7 millions (out of population of 48 millions) emigrated, both to Russia and to the West. Whom our Globo Masters plan to settle in voided at present, fertile regions of Western Ukraine?

   (7) The folk of Huculs lives in northern foothills of Czarnohora, which region belonged to Poland prior to 2WW. My father told me that the part of antisemitism of Poles before the 2WW originated from the fact that rich Jews in Western Ukraine tended to make Huculs always drunk, and thus financially depending from local moneylenders. These industrious Jews with time were throwing out, the light-minded Hucul population, from its beautiful mountainous settlements. Needless to add that today this trivial method of "ethnic cleaning", by pushing the light-minded populations of Eastern Europe into debts (by massive intox not only with drugs, beer, and vodka, but also with TV and technics), has become the essential tool of conquests realized world wide by Judeo-American Empire.

   (8) Due to the whole palette of colors present during official Belarus manifestations, future "revolutionaries", which at present are intensively trained in Poland and in Slovakia, will have a difficulty to make their emblems and banners significantly different from these of the official regime. The only color not present on flags accompanying our Parade of Independence was black, but it is reserved by ecclesiastics - both orthodox and catholic - which walked in the third row behind President Lukashenko.

   (9) The omnipresent at present propaganda at Ukraine is resumed the best by words of "conformity song" sang at Kiev's Maidan by evidently drugged crowds of "revolutionaires": "Razem nam bohato, pojdemy do NATO" (Together we are rich, so we to NATO switch). I modified a little the second verse, but it describes very well the spirit of the new, Docile Ukraine.

   (10) Anatolij Tchoubais was the author of "shock privatization" in 1995 of industries of Russian Federation. Tchoubais himself become principal shareholder of the electricity producing complex of this biggest country of the world. He is thus personally responsible for an enormous electricity breakdown in Moscow's area last May.

   (11) The only trace of "opposition" activity we found in Minsk, was just next to us, in our luxurious "Minsk" hotel. At its reception desk was distributed for free the journal in English "(the) Belarus Today" containing articles making mockery from president Lukaschenko and expanding "a needle into a fork" ("Bordering on madness - Poland and Belarus", "Belarus Opposition Debates Tactics") etc. I took the copy of this bizarre journal to the Minsk's Press House, and at the beginning journalists there were convinced that this is an official edition in English of journal "Belarus Today". But suddenly one of them noticed an insignificant "The" preceding "Belarus" in journal's title, and it turned out that the paper I've brought was an imitation - with the same graphic and the same set of advertisements - of the official "Belarus Today"! We wondered whether Belarus secret police purposefully permits the distribution in Minsk's hotels of this factious journal in order to demonstrate, to visiting foreigners, that the "freedom of press" in Belarus exists!

   (12) The Forgotten Ancestors of bio-sciences (Aristotle, Lamarck and Piaget) would explain the observed loss of structural information within the Mammonist (or in other terms, Cul-Capitalist) Society as follow. Aristotle postulated that we have to hate moneylenders, for they "enrich themselves while doing nothing". Than, more than two thousand years later, J. B. de Lamarck formulated the "Law of Biology", according to which specialized in continuous sitting bankers ("benchmen") shall have their motorical and sensory organs sensibly atrophied. For these bankers become the collective "Lord" of post-modern societies, so by imitation of their "Supreme Being" behavior, the contemporary, intensely sedentary, 'cullus-minded' ultra rich societies are becoming, as a whole, atrophied in their internal structures too. Which process is accelerated, as stresseed it psychologist Jean Piaget, by relaxed, "liberal" educational system which forms 'infantilized' individuals, incapable of a clear vision of the world. (More on this subject in a recent essay "Antizoologic Theosophy of Philo of Alexandria", accessible at, category "Judeo-Christian Conquest of Minds")
   (13) I. Shamir in "Pardes" observes that these artificially publicized "philosophers" represent the Judaist thought in its secular, "liberal" dressing. He is thus suggesting, in between verses, that the Hebrew "Lord" ("king" or Moloch) present in the Bible under the ambiguous term of "I am who I am", is a precursor of the Victor Pelevin's imagined Oranus/Zhopoglaw! An interesting association, pointing at the genetic origin of our Judeo-Christian Civilization.

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