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Illegal Immigration Spells Cancer
for the American Way of Life
by Preston Wiginton

  The definition of cancer (Yahoo dictionary) in understandable terms is any various abnormal growth tissue(s) that is threatening to life either in a sense of poison or infection that by spreading cells that have no resemblance to a normal cell that tend to invade surrounding tissue and destructively spread to new body sites.

  Almost 1 in 30 Americans have cancer. Almost 40% of us will be diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a funny thing in that many people who are diagnosed show no outward symptoms. They simply live daily doing their normal routine and have cancer and do not know it. Unfortunately 50% of those diagnosed with cancer will die, yet with early detection the percentage of survivors increases dramatically.

  People I am not hear to talk about medical cancer. I am here to tell you of another type of cancer. A cancer called illegal immigration or as I like to put it, The Invasion of America. How can I call this cancer you ask? - an abnormal growth that is threatening the life of American culture and the life of American people through the poisoning and infecting of our infrastructure (schools, hospitals, jails, social programs) because of unsustainable cost, through poisoning and infecting our streets and neighborhoods with crime (murder, theft, extortion, pimping, human trafficking, racketeering etc.) violence and drugs, through poisoning and infecting our health and environment with the spreading of diseases - many thought to have been eradicated in America, though the poisoning and infecting our workforce by displacing jobs and making the future of American families vulnerable and through the poisoning and infecting of American (our) values and ways of life.

  Don't believe me, here are only a few examples:

  There are an estimated 8 million to 18 million illegal immigrants currently in America, the majority from south of the border. Over 1 million illegal immigrants cross into the United States of America every year - over 3000 per day!!! Over 10% of childen born in America are "anchor babies" - 283,000 (2004) and almost 25 % of all births in America are to immigrants.

  Above the amount saved in labor Texas spent $4.7 billion on education, healthcare and the incarceration of illegal immigrants. California spent over $10.5 billion. (2004) In 1997 it is estimated that the cost of immigration both legal and illegal is $69 billion to American taxpayers. Imagine what that number would be today with the increase of immigrants and inflation - an estimated $300 billion. Cost takes into consideration the taxes paid by immigrants.

  An estimated 75 % of all drugs used in America come or come through Mexico. In Los Angeles 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide target illegal aliens (1200 - 1500). There are over 12,000 illegal immigrants in just one gang involved in drug distribution, extortion, assassinations, assault, robbery, pimping, trafficking of humans and rape in Los Angeles County. Imagine what the numbers are in Texas!! If not the total United States of America!

  Diseases such as Tuberculosis especially the multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) (16,000 cases in past 4 years), Leprosy (900 cases in 40 years prior to 2003, 7000 cases since), Chagas Disease (which there is no known cure, 30% long term fatality rate), Dengue Fever (recent outbreak in Webb County, Texas), Polio, Malaria, Kawasaki Disease and let's not forget about the silent killer Hepatitis A,B, and C have all shown up in illegal aliens and all have had a recent tremendous increase in the United States of America. Forget biological warfare from Iraq. The real threat is from south of the border.

  Over 2.3 million low skilled American workers were displaced in 1996 at a cost of $15.2 billion in public assistance. Also in 1996 an estimated $133 billion in wage depression and job loss occurred. Imagine what that number is today, 9 years later. Now not only are low-skilled workers being replaced so are high-skilled workers and whole industries.

  I hope the above examples are enough to give you an early warning of this cancer of the Invasion of America by illegal immigrants. Cancer, without treatment, is a slow and painful death, not only robbing one of life, but also of dignity. If action is taken, and time is of the essence, this cancer can be eradicated. If action is not taken the death of American way of life, identity and sovereignty is certain.