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   Constantin von Hoffmeister, a young German with an appearance of a Nordic Aryan, was educated in the USA. He is like a fresh wind for the Russian world. He is the visual personification of the eternal Germanic spirit of Sturm und Drang (Storm and Stress), of the deep (Aryan) genetic code, calling for self-actualization and freedom.
   Moreover, he is a poet whose mind is operating not in the primitive terms of modern sociology, but with artistic images, symbols and myths. And this magic can be understood only by those who are born sighted.
   Our new author does not write long and boring essays for scientific libraries. His essays are short, but rich in content and full of inner energy. By their boldness, vividness and volitional romanticism they are like sermons of Nietzsche and speeches of Varg Vikerness. It is the uncompromising and steadfast spirit of Zarathustra, the laughing triumpher.
   Our acquaintance began via the Internet, which was quite usual. First there were Constantins reactions to ATHENAEUM and an order of a RUSSLAND UND DEUTSCHLAND booklet, then came an offer to meet for an exchange of views. By that time I knew nothing about Constantin von Hoffmeister and was not quite inclined to talk to him. But when it turned out that he is a journalist, writing for right-wing newspapers like NATIONAL VANGUARD, that he has been to India and has visited the museum of Chandra Bose, my restrained interest developed into curiosity.
   The next day, my new acquaintance sent me some of his essays by e-mail and invited me to visit his website. For my trained eye, only one glance at the titles of the essays was enough to produce the following diagnosis: National Bolshevism, strongly influenced by Nordicism and technocraticism, directed towards the future. The author himself names his doctrine National Futurism. Praiseworthy, of course, but we have already had enough of Futurism (Futurism is what we have studied).
   When Constantin von Hoffmeister began sending me his new short essays, the effect of penetration into his works reached a new level. The details of intellectual growth and the nuances of his crystallizing doctrine showed. The only thing that had not changed was the powerful will of the new blood.
   It was a nice surprise for me that a young German, who came from the US, is also familiar with scientific, not ideologized, doctrines of the origin of the Aryans and is not afraid to consider an obvious fact: The (ancient) Aryans, coming to Europe from Asia, did not belong to the European races. They invaded the areas of the indigenous population of Europe. Like the legendary Vanes who fought the Ases, like the Slavs and the Cimmerians who deterred the aggressive onslaughts of the Iranians and the Caucasian tribes, the units of the Waffen-SS had challenged the Aryan part of Europe, though the main excuse, as we all know, was different.
   Most historians agree that in Communism (not the doctrine of Marx in itself, but in its real historical realization) there was a good deal of true Nordic Aryan cultural elements: the warrior cult of the Hero, the Eternal Fire, the Soviet architecture of Stalins Gothicism and the Soviet Empire. The fact that the Swastika, which was accepted by the revolutionary Provisional Government of Russia (for banknotes and military symbols) as a state symbol, was later replaced by the Red Star influenced the cultural background and the Soviet way of life, but it did not change the essence of the peoples existence.
   Constantin von Hoffmeister realizes that the war between the Third Reich and the USSR was in fact a realization of Churchill and Roosevelts bloody plans. Now that we have studied Anthony Suttons works we can add to that: These were the plans of the Skull and Bones secret order whose dirty tentacles permeated Europe during the First World War. In honor of the White heroes, who fell in fratricidal battles, we must learn this lesson of history.
   Hence, our German comrade calls upon us to create the New Empire a synthesis of the Third Rome, the Third Reich, and the USSR - which will resist the aggressive monopolistic appetites of AmeriKa. But for the final victory, the new superstate, however it will be called, must be built upon the principles of anti-imperialism. However paradoxically it may sound, the anti-imperial empire suggests a union of free states, based on federal principles. The idea has nothing to do with Lenins right to self-determination, but with the notion of decentralization, to be established in the constitution. Such a dynamic synarchy can become a living alternative to the pro-NATO European Union. Let the Germans consider the right of the Sorbs of Lujick for their autonomy, as well as the Russians should admit the rights of the Ukraine. And let the capital of the new confederation be chosen by the European peoples, not by the capitalist sharks of the West!
   The center of the world is shifting towards the East. But not to Central Asia or China! Being once fond of the Eurasian Movement, Constantin von Hoffmeister finally listened to the voice of his blood and common sense. Who will lead the gigantic Eurasian empire if the percentage of White blood is being reduced as we reach the Pacific Ocean? Who will colonize the enormous areas of Siberia, Asia and the Far East? If we take the Eurasian principle, soil before blood, we can already admit our defeat to the Asians, the Chinese and the Muslims of the Caucasus whose ethnical expansion is a menace to our future. Hence, considering the importance of geopolitics, our young German comrade establishes the natural principle: Blood before Soil! Biopolitics vs. Geopolitics the ultimate challenge!
   Finally, an audacious National Futurist attacks the holiest of the holies of traditional National Socialism. He openly criticizes the Fascist cult of the state and the cult of the Party leader (Fuehrer, Duce, Caudillo, etc.). Hr. von Hoffmeister argues that the Europeans originally lived in free communities and exposes the Semitic origin of Hitlers messianism. The White master needs no guide or leader, and the bureaucratic state, as a threat to his personal freedom, cannot be an ideal of the state. The Messiah is dead, Hail our Race! von Hoffmeister proclaims. Aryan Anti-Fascism is the only solution!
   As we can see, Constantin von Hoffmeisters doctrines are based on logic, honesty and common sense. In principle, there is nothing new in his right-wing criticism of Fascism. But what a shock the Manifesto of Aryan Anti-Fascism caused among the western NS scene! The leaders of the NAU (Nation of the Aryan Union) stigmatized him as a traitor to White nationalism and openly declared him an enemy. The criticism of Hitler, Mussolini, National Socialism and Fascism is an absolute taboo for them.
   But wasnt it Hitler who led the Germans and the Third Reich to the national catastrophe? Did not Erich von Ludendorff in 1931 and Karl Haushofer in 1941 predict this collapse? The Party conspiracies against Hitler and attempts to kill the Fuehrer must also be taken into consideration. And there is no sense in blaming Jews and Red commissars for that. The Jews newer needed Hitler they needed Israel which they now have, and the Soviet government had signed the advantageous non-aggression pact of Molotov-Ribbentrop which was broken by Hitler.
   There are a lot of Hitler fans nowadays, pretending that he was an avatar, ready to accept the responsibility for the Holocaust in any shape or form (imagined or real), ready to revitalize the implacable anti-Sovietism and even anti-Slavism.
   But dont you think that this not our karma? Hitlers lack of knowledge about the Aryan, Slavic, Russian and Soviet world must never be the reason for our own misunderstanding. And, as we can see, when even native Germans like Constantin von Hoffmeister understand the crisis of Hitlerism, why should not Slavs understand that?
   Gentlemen, we now live in the XXI century, the age of Krita Yuga, as wise men say. Let us leave the dead to the dead and the living to the living! Then we shall see the prospects of the White superstate, not led by Americans, Germans or Russians, but providing all the European nations an ability to work together and fight shoulder to shoulder!

   Translated by Efim Romanenko
   August 18, 2005